We recently asked our network on LinkedIn about why they listen to their customers.Today we’re featuring some responses from some great people working in and around the Sport & Leisure industry.

Why listen to your customers?

– improves decision-making

– helps you see the whole customer journey

– drives continuous improvement

– helps you respond to customer needs

– helps you turn feedback into actions

In short, it helps you see how to keep up with how your customers.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, which we’ve republished in full below. To see the full discussion on LinkedIn, click here.

To make better, informed, decisions that improve the customer experience, resulting in increased revenue, business growth and repeat business.” – Fraser Mackenzie, KA Leisure

Ensures you are constantly improving, if you act on what you hear!” – David Monkhouse, Leisure-Net Solutions

Got to keep up with your customers needs! They may move / change faster than you 👍” – Colin Burroughs, Abbey Business & Office Services

Because unless you really know what your customer wants, you don’t really have a business!” – Christian Harris, Slip Safety Services

To be asked is great for us then to act on that is another, too many companies ask to tick a box but then execute the requests and info they recieved incorrectly.  The devil is in the details and also being realistic with what a business can deliver. Really nail your questions as these often build the perception of greater change from the customer that the business can or is prepared to deliver.…….just saying.” – Lee Pollitt, DW Fitness First

Hopefully they know what they want? (But not always…)” – Neil Bland, Leisure Energy

You’ll learn a lot more from your leavers than from your joiners. And get more actionable insight.” – Guy Griffiths, GG Fit