Making full use of unstructured text data

Analyse feedback faster with AI-powered text analysis

Do you still analyse text data manually?

Unstructured text comments are a goldmine of insights. Open questions give clients and employees the space to share what’s really on their minds.
But while unstructured feedback is expanding, the time available to analyse the text data is shrinking. Subjective, manual analysis doesn’t scale, because it's a slow and expensive process.
Firms seeking a competitive advantage are asking for a faster way to make sense of text responses.

The Pain of Manual Text Analysis

Whether you’re trying to manually tag comments in a spreadsheet or scan responses “to see if anything jumps out”, analysing text data is currently a slow and subjective process. When results are needed quickly, surveys become a series of closed questions that reveal more about internal priorities than external experiences.
Marketing and client listening managers often confide in us about their frustrations. They don’t have enough time to make the most of verbatim comments – to discover ‘why’ clients are giving each rating.
The impact of this manual approach is wasted time and lost growth opportunities.
Making sense of surveys, feedback forms, client interviews, reviews, directories, complaints, as well as informal verbal and email comments, has become a painful process. Hiring more people or more consultants is expensive.

AI-powered text analysis

MyCustomerLens combines machine learning with industry expertise to create tailor-made algorithms for each sector. This isn’t generic text analysis, we’re focused on discovering the key insights decision-makers are waiting for. Specifically, our automated text analysis discovers three vital themes within your data:
Topics – ‘what’ people are talking about.
Our algorithms discover and organise thousands of related terms, such as product names, roles, communication channels and even competing brands
Emotions – ‘how’ the experience is making them feel
Our algorithms go beyond sentiment analysis to discover the emotions people are expressing, such as joy, frustration and anticipation.
Value drivers – ‘why’ the experience is impacting their behaviour
Finally, our algorithms link feedback to behaviour by identifying the drivers of buying habits, such as responsiveness, expertise and value for money.
The benefit of this real-time analysis is enabling decision-makers to keep their finger on the pulse. You don’t have to wait for surveys to close or research to be reported – you can always see the latest picture.

Always-on client listening

MyCustomerLens delivers continuous feedback intelligence by aggregating all your client-related feedback and summarising it in real-time.
This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.


Collect & centralise both formal & informal feedback from across the business.


AI-driven analysis instantly makes sense of unstructured text data.


Combined insights are shared and benchmarked across the firm.


With the business world changing at such a rapid pace, traditional approaches to client listening are making it harder to stay in the know. To stay relevant and competitive, forward-looking firms are seeking solutions to four connected challenges.
Click the links below to discover how MyCustomerLens can help you solve each challenge and future-proof your firm:

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