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MyCustomerLens – feedback intelligence

Always-on client listening for professional services

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Is listening to your clients important to your firm?

Strong relationships matter in professional services
and quickly discovering client needs is a competitive advantage.

But making sense of the growing volume of unstructured feedback has been a slow and manual process.

So MyCustomerLens developed real-time feedback aggregation, to quickly provide the actionable insights your firm needs to protect and grow revenues.

MyCustomerLens is where feedback comes together, to create simple actionable insights.

Finally, you can see the full picture.


2020 accelerated digital transformation and made every firm part of the experience economy. This means:

  • It matters to your clients how you deliver your services
  • Your client’s expectations keep evolving
  • Your competition is the best recent experience your client has had

In this new world, responding to change quickly is a competitive advantage.

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Protect existing revenues

Defend existing client revenues by discovering what clients really feel and say about you.

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Identify new opportunities

Unleash new revenue streams by spotting emerging client needs and opportunities for new referrals

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Create a stand-out experience

Differentiate your client experiences, by uncovering gaps between expectations and service reality

My Customer Lens real-time feedback aggregation

Traditional feedback is disconnected

Typical firms collect and store client-related feedback in different formats across different parts of the business. Some clients get interviews, some get various surveys, some fall through the cracks.

Impact: blindspots and false assumptions

Disconnected feedback leads to perception gaps where internal assumptions about client experiences don’t match reality.

The solution is aggregation

Our platform automatically aggregates all your feedback in one place

Benefit: align the whole business, so everyone stays on the same page

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Analysis is usually a manual process

Firms tell us that gathering up feedback and making sense of the text comments, is a slow manual process. As a result, their process can’t scale to include more clients.

Impact: wasted time and money

Verbatim comments are a goldmine of insights. But discovering these insights is currently wasting time and resources that could be used to take action.

The solution is automation

Our AI-driven text analysis makes short work of unstructured data, whether it’s come from surveys, transcripts or social media.

Benefit: scalable processes keep every manager’s finger on the pulse.

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My Customer Lens Dashboard - Brand reporting

Typical reporting looks backwards

Traditional feedback processes collect and analyse data in bulk. Clients are spoken to annually, or once a project is completed. But this rear-facing feedback comes too late to influence the current piece of work.

Impact: frustrated clients and lost growth opportunities

Delayed reporting hinders agility. Delayed decision-making risks fewer referrals and lower recurring revenues.

The solution is real-time insights

MyCustomerLens delivers actionable insights in real-time. Experiences can be tracked along the entire client journey and benchmarked across clients and competitors.

Benefit: make faster, more informed decisions

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MyCustomerLens delivers continuous feedback intelligence
by aggregating all your client-related feedback and summarising it in real-time.

This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.

MyCustomerLens wants to help you reach & retain more customers

“With research telling us that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, a platform like MyCustomerLens could be the difference between a successful business and one that drives its customers to someone else.

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