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Remote working is transforming how you deliver services to clients

Client needs and expectations are evolving rapidly.

Project teams are becoming digitally connected but physically isolated.

How do you keep your finger on the pulse when you can’t walk the floors or meet face-to-face?

“We seem good at collecting data, but we don’t do much with it”

Keep your finger on the pulse

Verbatim comments help you see experiences from your client’s perspective. They’re a goldmine of potential insights. But only if you have a fast and scalable process for making sense of them.

MyCustomerLens reduces the cost and delay caused by manual analysis. Our bespoke algorithms instantly uncover what your clients are experiencing now and what they need from you next.

Keep everyone on the same page

Today’s firms are inundated with unstructured data from multiple sources. Countless surveys, emails, verbal comments, written feedback, client interviews and status updates.

MyCustomerLens keeps your whole organisation on the same page, by putting all your client insights in the same place. This reduces confusion, speeds up decision-making and improves collaboration.

Make faster, more informed decisions

Firms need more actionable insights, not more siloed data. Isolated PowerPoint updates, spreadsheets and research reports are making it impossible to see the full picture.

MyCustomerLens embeds real-time insights within your existing decision-making processes. Our online dashboards and email alerts make it easy for you to see emerging trends and benchmark performance.

How you work, make decisions and deliver services is changing.

Whether competing for clients or talent, future-proofing your bottom line means delivering consistent experiences that meet evolving expectations.

But this is easier said than done. Firms have experience blindspots.

Bain & Co found that while 80% of executives felt their firm delivered above-average experiences, only 8% of their customers agreed. 8%!

At MyCustomerLens we are passionate about helping firms keep their finger on the pulse and future-proof their brand.

Data aggregation

Experience a single source of truth

Today’s firms are inundated with unstructured data

Emails, verbal and written feedback, social media comments, client interviews and a variety of pulse and engagement surveys.

This data can’t be aggregated by traditional databases and CRMs, so it gets stored in different places and used by different people.

Forrester reports that between 60 & 73% of all data within the enterprise goes unused for analytics.

The result is different departments with different data and different assumptions about clients, staff or the wider market. Not only is this inefficient, it also creates huge blind spots.

Boost collaboration with a single source of truth.

MyCustomerLens puts everything in the same place to keep everybody on the same page. This reduces confusion and increases collaboration. With a shared view of experiences, decision-makers can see trends across projects, teams, clients and service lines.

Diagram showing the feedback sources for MyCustomerLens
Text analytics

Make business sense of text comments

MyCustomerLens feedback analysis turns raw text data into simple actionable insights so that you can reach, engage and retain more customers
Text analysis examples by MyCustomerLens

Text comments are a goldmine of potential insights

Verbatim comments are a goldmine of potential insights. But only if you have a scalable process for making sense of them all.

But most firms don’t.

They still rely on subjective manual processes for discovering how clients, staff and the wider market feel about their interactions with the firm.

Staff decide who is asked for feedback and when. Open questions are avoided because manual text analysis is inconsistent and wastes valuable time and resources.

Now there is an alternative. Our bespoke algorithms uncover what people are experiencing and the resulting emotions.

By combining what people are talking about and how it’s making them feel, you can discover what really influences their behaviour.

The results are then summarised alongside operational data to create connected actionable insights.

Business impact

Actionable insights that unleash bottom line growth

Experience leaders outperform laggards

Turning unstructured data into actionable insights requires a combination of technology and industry expertise.

We work with clients and partners to create industry-specific algorithms and role-specific dashboards & alerts. This enables us to unleash your bottom-line growth by:

  • Reducing costs – reduce the valuable time and resources wasted on manual analysis and reporting
  • Increasing retained revenues – react faster to emerging needs and expectations

By keeping your finger on the pulse, MyCustomerLens helps you move quickly and efficiently from insight to action. 

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Diagram showing the feedback sources for MyCustomerLens

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