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Always-on client listening turns your unstructured data into feedback intelligence, in real-time.

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Client expectations and behaviours are changing rapidly, therefore it’s more difficult than ever before for firms to stay in the know.
MyCustomerLens is the only client listening platform that unifies all insights, across all clients, in real-time.
We put your client’s voice at the heart of your business.
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Passive Client Listening

Firms tell us they need to solve 3 problems related to traditional client listening:


Client listening is decentralised, with data stored in different systems and formats. Hunting down and reformatting the data is wasting a lot of time.


Finding, analysing and reporting on feedback, especially the rich text data, is a slow and manual process. Outsourcing this work to consultants is expensive.


Feedback is collected when firms are ready to listen, rather than when clients are ready to share. By the time reports are ready, opportunities have been missed.

Active Client Listening

Active client listening enables firms to discover and respond to client needs faster. It is:


All of your feedback sources in one place.


Al analysis of unstructured text.


Real-time insights available across your firm.

The fast and visual way to understand your clients

MyCustomerLens is the only client listening platform that provides law firms with unified insights across all clients.
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Only 15% of firms have a centralised database for all their client feedback.

Traditional feedback is disconnected

Siloed feedback, stored in different systems and formats, leads to blindspots and false assumptions.

The solution is aggregation

Our platform unifies all your feedback in one place including interview transcripts, surveys, pitch feedback, testimonials and informal feedback.
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Only 32% of firms collect feedback during a matter/project.

Analysis has been a manual process

Verbatim comments are a goldmine of insights. But manually analysing and reporting on text data has been a slow or expensive process.

The solution is automation

Our bespoke AI algorithms quickly discover your clients' sentiment and emerging needs.
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Only 41% of firms share client listening reports amongst teams and used the data to drive action across the firm.

Typical reporting looks backwards

Traditional client listening is batched up into seasonal projects. This delayed reporting hinders agility and leads to missed opportunities.

The solution is real-time intelligence

MyCustomerLens delivers actionable intel across the entire customer journey. Insights can be shared and benchmarked across the firm, in real-time.

Always-on client listening

MyCustomerLens delivers continuous feedback intelligence by aggregating all your client-related feedback and summarising it in real-time.
This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.


Collect & centralise both formal & informal feedback from across the business.


AI-driven analysis instantly makes sense of unstructured text data.


Combined insights are shared and benchmarked across the firm.

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