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MyCustomerLens is for change makers in the sports & fitness industry.

MyCustomerLens is for change makers. The people & organisations that know that future success depends on understanding the real-time experiences of real people.

Regardless of whether your target audiences are inactive people, lapsed members, regular attendees or loyal customers, the reality is that their needs, expectations and alternative choices are constantly evolving. Trying to keep up, by running old segmentation models or annual surveys, is not enough.

To understand the evolving needs of your current, potential and lost customers requires a new approach. An approach that keeps your finger on the pulse and everyone on the same page.

Customer feedback made easy

MyCustomerLens is custom-built to meet the evolving needs of the sports and fitness industry. It combines registration data, online conversations and survey responses in one place. This makes it easy to learn from your current and potential customers and to evidence the impact you’ve had on them.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Develop a deeper customer understanding, by aggregating multiple sources of customer feedback

Work more efficiently

Banish the pain of manually processing feedback data and natural language comments

Make evidence-based decisions

Improve acquisition, revenue & retention; by focusing on what matter most to your customers

How it works

MyCustomerLens | How it works

3 steps towards customer-led growth

1) Collect feedback automatically
Manually copying & pasting feedback from social media, creating multiple surveys and dealing with inconsistent data is no fun. That’s why we’ve automated these processes for you. Our mobile-friendly forms, ‘best practice’ questions and automated social media feeds have all been custom-built to meet our clients’ needs.

2) See an overview of current experiences
Keep your staff and wider workforce on the same page. Our browser-based dashboards give everyone access to the same information. This learning isn’t just limited to your own delivery. Our benchmarking options, let you compare your customer experiences and impact with the results from other similar programmes.

3) Make faster, more informed decisions
Don’t wait for a final evaluation report, to learn what you should have been doing differently. Our dashboards update automatically, so you can see and respond to feedback while it’s still relevant. To make these insights even more actionable, our dashboards summarise the information each department needs to see.

Who is MyCustomerLens for?

Change makers exist across many different roles, and in many different organisations. What unites you is the belief that to reach, engage and retain more customers, you need to become more customer-led.

By having a rich and current picture of needs, attitudes and behaviours, you and your colleagues will be able to make more informed and consistent decisions. You’ll be able to act, learn and respond faster because everyone is on the same page.

Gyms and leisure centre managers that want to understand how they get and keep more customers, and how customer experience influences costs and revenues.

Programme managers & development officers that want to monitor delivery and understand how customer experience contributes to behaviour change

Event Directors, marketers and workforce managers who want to understand which customer experiences most influence word of mouth advocacy and repeat sign-ups

Finance Directors, Sports Directors and Student Union officers who want to understand how sport and physical activity is influencing student experience

Franchise owners, instructors and personal trainers who want a simple and consistent way to capture feedback and link it to the drivers of attendance and revenue.

Get started today

MyCustomerLens has already begun a staged rollout. To be amongst the first programmes in the country to benefit, contact us now.