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Do you need to do more with your customer feedback?

Consumers are sharing more feedback, in more places, than ever before.

  • Asking service questions on Twitter
  • Reviewing their experiences on google or Facebook
  • Complaining via email
  • Sharing suggestions through feedback forms
  • Explaining their brand engagement in NPS surveys
  • Then there’s the behaviour data piling up in Member Management Systems.

But instead of thriving on fresh insights, health & fitness organisations are getting overwhelmed by raw data.

MyCustomerLens | How it works

Customer-focused managers are getting frustrated. They want to make fast and informed decisions about how to improve sales effectiveness, customer experience and retention. They know that current, potential and lapsed customers are telling them the answer. But it’s still too hard and too slow to find, combine, analyse and share the data.

MyCustomerLens turns disconnected data into shared business intelligence

MyCustomerLens is solving the escalating raw data problem for health and fitness organisations. Our real-time customer insight platform instantly transforms disconnected customer feedback into shared business intelligence. This enables our clients to spend less time wrangling data and more time taking action to reach, engage and retain more customers.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Automated data capture
automatically collect social media discussions, online reviews, surveys and other sources of customer feedback

Keep everyone on the same page

Industry-specific analysis
bespoke machine learning algorithms quickly turn raw text data into simple, actionable insights

Faster more informed decisions

Personalised insights
browser-based dashboards & email alerts keep staff & decision-makers on the same page

Make faster, more informed decisions

Reach more customers – improve sales effectiveness
Benchmark sales experiences across sites or against competitors. Measure and manage delivery of your value proposition. Develop a shared understanding your local communities. Identify why new customers choose you over other options.

Engage more customers – eliminate the root causes of complaints
Look beyond individual issues to discover the root causes. Aggregated view of customers frustration & expectations to work. Identify emerging trends & monitor the impact of operational changes.

Retain more customers – increase retention
Identify the biggest influences on customer behaviour. Learn why customers choose to renew or leave.

Our product suite – designed to work the way that you do

MCL Discover

MCL Discover

The easiest way to reuse your existing customer data

MCL Listen

The easiest way to listen to your customers and prospects



The easiest way to collect and use customer feedback

MCL Monitor

MCL Compare

The easiest way to track national trends, attitudes & behaviours

MCL Compare

MCL Compare-icon

The easiest way to see how your customer experience compares to your competitors

Get started today

If you want to cure your data frustrations, and empower your business to make faster customer-led decisions, it’s very easy to get started.

With MCL Discover we can breath new life into your existing customer feedback

With MCL Monitor you can tap into our award-winning Hearts & Minds survey, that has been tracking consumer attitudes and behaviours since August 2017.

With MCL Ask & MCL Listen you can be up and running in a matter of days, collecting feedback (MCL Ask) &/or social media comments (MCL Listen).

To learn more about how MyCustomerLens can relieve your data overwhelm, and enable you to make faster and more informed decisions, get in touch today.