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MyCustomerLens is a continuous feedback platform. Our bespoke algorithms collect and analyse real-time comments from social media, surveys and feedback forms. We keep your finger on the pulse, and everyone on the same page, so that you can make faster and more informed decisions.

Organisations that successfully reach and retain more customers deliver great customer experiences.

Consistent experiences that meet the evolving needs of their target market.

But the process of listening to the market, and then taking action with the results, has not been a simple one. 

Consumers are sharing more feedback, in more places, than ever before:

With all this data, organisations should be thriving on fresh insights. But instead they re getting overwhelmed by the raw data and frustrated by out-of-date results.

More feedback, more places…

  • Asking service questions on Twitter
  • Reviewing their experiences on Google or Facebook
  • Complaining via email
  • Sharing suggestions through feedback forms
  • Explaining their brand engagement in NPS surveys
  • Behaviour data in Member Management Systems.

Business leaders want to achieve customer and revenue growth.

They want to make fast and informed decisions. Doing this well requires decision-makers to be on the same page as the customer and each other. But it’s difficult to keep up with evolving needs when surveys are only run once a year. Or when customer data sits in different systems or spreadsheets.

MyCustomerLens - MCL Ask
MCL Dashboard

Line managers want to deliver consistent customer experiences.

Ones that reflect the organisation’s brand, value proposition and priorities. But their inboxes are getting overrun by individual comments and raw data. As a result, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. The data isn’t helping you to decide where to allocate limited resources.

Data analysts want to be able to create actionable insights.

They want to be providing colleagues with a clear ‘so what’. But they are getting overwhelmed by raw data. Consumers are sharing more feedback in more places than ever before. As a result, collecting and analysing text comments has become a slow and painful process.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Automated data capture

Keep everyone on the same page

Industry-specific analysis

Faster more informed decisions

Personalised actionable insights

MyCustomerLens is changing the game
by turning raw text feedback into shared business intelligence, in real-time

We make it easy for you to collect feedback wherever customers want to share it. Social media discussions, survey responses, feedback forms or complaints. Responses are collected automatically and aggregated in one place. It’s this consistency that makes it easier to benchmark your results.

Our unique industry-specific algorithms instantly make sense of all this raw text data. They discover what people are talking about and how it’s making them feel. By linking emotions to behaviour, the insights become more actionable.

To keep everyone on the same page, browser-based dashboards summarise your daily results. These dashboards are interactive and role-specific. So you can see the big picture and still drill down to the actual voice of the customer. You can also get email alerts, a handy pre-read for team meetings.

MyCustomerLens makes it easy to keep your finger on the pulse, and everyone on the same page. Your organisation will have more actionable insight. It will make faster and more informed decisions. It will empower you to reach and retain more customers.

MyCustomerLens - MobileForms
MyCustomerLens Dashboard_Laptop

Our product suite – designed to work the way that you do


MCL Ask – the easiest way to collect and use customer surveys & feedback

MCL Ask makes it easy for you to see and manage the entire customer journey. With your finger always on the pulse, it becomes easier to make fast and informed decisions.

MCL Listen – the easiest way to listen to your customers & prospects

MCL Listen makes it easy for you to monitor what your customers are saying on social media. Even if you don’t proactively use social media, it pays to monitor what your prospects are seeing.

MCL Discover

MCL Discover – the easiest way to reuse your existing customer data

MCL Discover makes it easy for you to discover new insights lost within your organisation’s existing survey data and customer comments. With our algorithms making sense of your existing customer data, your staff are freed up to focus on taking action.

MCL Compare

MCL Monitor – the easiest way to track national trends, attitudes & behaviours

MCL Monitor is based on the award-winning Hearts & Minds syndicated study, developed with our partners Sport MR. Hearts & Minds contains a treasure trove of data on sport and physical activity, what activities people are open to and the barriers to participation. Most importantly, it offers a cost-effective multi-partner approach to data gathering.

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