How do you keep
your finger on the pulse

of your customers or clients?

MyCustomerLens dashboard and actionable insights

In the current climate, business decisions are being made quickly. Too quickly for manual feedback processes to keep up. 

How we work is changing. Where we work is changing. What we use to make decisions is changing.

So how do you keep your finger on the pulse?

How do you keep staff and customers on the same page?

MyCustomerLens translates unstructured feedback into actionable insights, so you can make faster and more informed decisions

Keep your finger on the pulse
of your customers & clients

Customers are sharing more feedback in more places than ever before. As a result, businesses are getting flooded with customer emails, feedback forms, verbal feedback, social media comments and survey responses.

But SMEs are still relying on people to manually gather and analyse all this data. It takes too long, valuable growth opportunities are getting lost.

The solution is a 1-stop shop for customer and client feedback, highlighting:

  • what‘ they are talking about (emails, products etc)
  • how‘ it makes them feel (sentiment & emotions)
  • why‘ the experience is driving their behaviours

MyCustomerLens solves this problem by:

  • aggregating all your feedback data in one place
  • making sense of the text data, in real-time
  • summarising insights in personalised dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse
of your employees & stakeholders

The world of work is evolving before our eyes. More and more employees are working from home. Priorities and daily routines are changing, new remote working processes are being created.

Managers can no longer sense the mood of the office by walking around, nor check-in with team members face-to-face.

The solution is a simple and consistent way for employees to share:

  • How they feel
  • Their ideas for improving productivity
  • Their needs for additional training and support

MyCustomerLens solves this emerging problem by providing:

  • easy ways to track morale and collect feedback, ideas and suggestions
  • automatic analysis of all the raw text comments
  • simple dashboards to summarise emering trends and key themes

What makes MyCustomerLens different?

Listen Everywhere

Automatically aggregate feedback, ideas and operational data

Instant Analysis

Industry-specific text algorithms discover
what, how and why


Compare insights over time, against peers & competitors

Diagram showing the feedback sources for MyCustomerLens

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