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Traditional client listening creates blindspots

Senior leaders need to make informed strategic decisions that develop and progress the firm as a whole - while keeping an eye on risk and brand perception. They want to see what the firm is doing well and where it could be even better, to ensure they can anticipate and respond to evolving client needs.

To support their desire for agile and evidenced-based decision making, senior leaders are looking for regular reporting, timely insights and clear recommendations. But traditional client listening is making it harder to stay in the know.

Traditional client listening methods leave blindspots because they only focus on key clients or gather seasonal feedback after the work is done. This leaves decision-makers relying on anecdotes, assumptions and old news.

How MyCustomerLens helps you

MyCustomerLens is a robust always-on client listening platform rooted in real client insights. It helps you to clearly understand the perception and reputation of your business and to use these insights to make evidence-based decisions that will unlock sustainable growth.

By automatically creating a single source of truth, our platform puts the voice of your clients at the heart of your business. This supports a consistent firm-wide approach to delivering services and experiences that set you apart from your competitors.

Common challenges

  • Create a stand-out brand
  • Improve decision-making agility

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The addition of MyCustomerLens means that, this year, the themes are more impactful than ever, providing the whole business with a clear picture of the areas that matter most to clients.

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