Overcoming disconnected feedback

Unify client feedback in one central place

Is all your feedback in one place?

More feedback is being shared in more places than ever before. The ability to aggregate feedback data has become vital to business success.

Traditional feedback is disconnected.

Feedback is more than the variety of client and employee surveys. It comes from social media comments, client interviews, feedback forms, operational data and unsolicited verbal and email comments. Most of this feedback is unstructured – it doesn’t fit neatly into traditional databases.

To keep everyone on the same page, firms are adopting a new approach to feedback aggregation. As a result, only 15% of firms have a centralised database for all their client-related feedback.

The Pain of Disconnected Feedback

Across a typical firm, feedback data is collected and stored in different formats in different silos. For example, service lines often have their own preferred survey questions; outsourced feedback gets provided as pdfs, powerpoints and spreadsheets; public reviews sit on 3rd party sites; and unsolicited feedback lurks in notebooks and email inboxes.
Manually tracking down and combining all this data wastes valuable time and resources. An overhead few can afford, so little gets done.
The Impact: siloed feedback, stored in different systems and formats, leads to blindspots and false assumptions.
Disconnected feedback leads to perception gaps. Different data sources lead to different assumptions about client experiences. Firms need a better way to ensure their internal view matches their client’s reality.

Aggregate feedback in real-time

We believe you shouldn’t have to restrict how you listen to your clients. You should be ready to listen wherever and whenever they choose to share their experiences.
So MyCustomerLens automatically gathers up your different sources of feedback. Internal surveys, external research, interview transcripts and social media comments are all summarised in one place. For further context, overlay operational data like client revenues.
Benefit: align the whole business, so everyone stays on the same page
MyCustomerLens makes it easy to see the full picture of client experiences. In one place, everyone can see what clients experience now, and what they need next. Not only does this keep all your decision-makers on the same page, but it also frees up your employees’ valuable time.

Always-on client listening

MyCustomerLens delivers continuous feedback intelligence by aggregating all your client-related feedback and summarising it in real-time.
This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.


Collect & centralise both formal & informal feedback from across the business.


AI-driven analysis instantly makes sense of unstructured text data.


Combined insights are shared and benchmarked across the firm.


With the business world changing at such a rapid pace, traditional approaches to client listening are making it harder to stay in the know. To stay relevant and competitive, forward-looking firms are seeking solutions to four connected challenges.
Click the links below to discover how MyCustomerLens can help you solve each challenge and future-proof your firm:

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