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Welcome to the first edition of the sportCX, the MyCustomerLens newsletter. This week we’re leading off with why customer experience is an increasingly important consideration for sports organisations.

Customer experience and why sports organisations need to pay more attention

The customer experience is rapidly becoming the key point of differentiation within the sports industry.  Gyms, leisure centres, professional teams and mass participation events are all scrambling to deliver great customer experiences. Experiences that their customers will enjoy, rave about and keep coming back for.

But wanting to deliver great customer experiences isn’t the same as actually delivering them consistently. We still have a lot to learn.

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Why Doesn’t the Golf Course Industry Want the 10-million People Who Would Take Up Golf?

A US perspective on the golf industry, and how it’s failing to evolve its customer experience. As a result, the sport is missing out on the people that are interested in the sport but feel the environment is not for people like them. How many other sports and programmes are missing out on customers, because the experience appears (from the outside) to not be for them?

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Richard Branson’s Next Big Idea: Sports Festivals

Virgin have always seen customer experience as their point of difference. They look for industries and product categories where organisations are taking their customers for granted, and then create a customer-focused alternative. Now the Virgin approach to fun and customer experience is coming to the sports events market. Their fresh perspective is not to see fun and entertainment as a bolt on to traditional sport opportunities. Instead they are seeing sport as entertainment…

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The customer’s view – how customers feel about their sporting experiences

This week my customer lens has been turned on mass participation events, and how their customers see event organisation. The question is, where on the spectrum would your customers say your organisation lies? And what are they telling their friends as a result?

“Very well organised and much more enjoyable with very encouraging marshals all with a smile. Thanks again, two more events booked.”
“Absolutely disappointing to the highest degree! Everything was wrong! Don’t waste your time, money and effort!”
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