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Welcome to the second edition of sportCX, the MyCustomerLens newsletter. This week we’re leading off with how to build up customer understanding by maintaing an outside-in perspective.

Customer understanding – are you getting an outside-in perspective?

Developing a strong understanding of target customers is about much more than data analysis. It’s about combining science, art and fishing! The fishing relates to the ability to catch and process a wide range of customer conversations that are taking place on social media and review sites as well as within your own customer correspondence and surveys.

The science relates to being able to quickly analyse the unstructured feedback and turn it into actionable insights. Finally, the art of customer understanding is about empathy. An empathy that comes from getting out to see the world through your customers’ eyes.

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Two Ways You Can Use Social Media Data

Social media data is a great way to understand your actual customer journey, but only if you’re tracking it properly. To build rich customer understanding, you need to do more than just respond to social media comments; you need to aggregate and categorise them, so that key trends bubble up to the surface.

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5 Industries Ripe for Disruption in 2017

I would add the experiences of watching and playing sport, to this US-centric list of industries ripe for disruption. As the UK government pushes publicly funded organisations to put the customer at the heart of delivery, we will (must) see the customer experience for fans and participants evolve at the same pace it is in other industries.

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No CEO buy-in… no customer experience project

The first principle of customer-led sport is having a burning conviction that customer-centricity is the right strategic and cultural focus. To achieve this the senior leadership need to be actively bought in to the principles and practicalities of being customer-led. If they’re not, then you risk inconsistent decisions rotting away at the strategy.

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The customer’s view – how customers feel about their sporting experiences

This week my customer lens has been turned on mass participation events, and how their customers see different parts of the customer journey. The question is, how are your customer describing each stage of their experience with you?

1) Sign-upCan anyone recommend a run that would be a good first 10k race? #ukrunchat #running”

2) Build-upvery informative communications starting from a few months before the event”

3) Race day “I do feel an extra drink station on the bike could be useful”

4) ReviewDo love a great race pic”

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