Next month I’m excited to be speaking at The Future of Sport Conference in London. It’s going to be a great day, chaired by Yvonne Harrison from GreaterSport.
My session on “Rethinking Customer Insight to Unleash Participation Growth” covers three areas:
• How to build understanding of inactive people and potential participants
• How to combine research, feedback and monitoring data to create actionable customer insights
• How to develop a more customer-centric organisation, so that insights drive decision-making
It’s going to be a practical and interactive session. Using the Insight Cycle outlined below, we will look at how to turn raw data into actionable insights. Insights that enable more informed decisions. After all, there’s no point collecting feedback, paying for research or crunching data if it doesn’t help to make better decisions.

Rethinking customer insight

Having worked across several industries and countries, I’ve seen the inner workings of some very effective organisations. The lessons I’ve learned became the foundations for the 6-step Insight Cycle. While your organisation may use different language, I’m sure you’ll recognise the steps.
Collect – Capture complete, accurate & unbiased data from many different sources
Analyse – Combine & analyse the data, to identify the main themes & trends
Interpret – Use staff or partners to identify what’s most important to your organisation
Visualise – Summarise the key insights in simple/visual formats everyone can understand
Share – All decision makers have the same insights & understanding about customers & delivery
Decide – Decisions are easy to make, easy to explain and implemented consistently

How to create actionable customer insight

During the session we are going to look at:
– the impact and benefits of doing this process well
– the barriers to getting it right
The barriers and blockages include:
– not getting the right data in at the start (garbage in, garbage out)
– skipping steps and ending up with data that’s not insightful
– seeing insight as a task/function, rather than an organisation-wide process
Of course there are also many good examples. Organisations that are rising to Sport England’s challenge to become more customer-led.
“Sport England’s new investment strategy seeks to put the customer first, focus on those least active and transform how sport is delivered across the country” Tracey Crouch MP
The CSPNework is supporting CSPs to put insight at the heart of a customer-centric approach. England Athletics, England Golf, The RFL and the Lawn Tennis Association are each taking an innovative approaches. They are rethinking how to create insights and how to use them to design new products, services and customer experiences. I’m sure those attending the session will also have some great examples to share.
But this knowledge sharing is only valuable if attendees can apply it to their own situation. So worksheets like this one, will be available to help you rethink your own decision-making processes.
So I’m looking forward to seeing you in “Rethinking Customer Insight to Unleash Participation Growth. Or to arrange a time for a 1-2-1 chat during the conference, you can use the ‘Make an Appointment‘ feature.