How do your members and employees feel about your reopening plans?

How is the coronavirus emergency changing how you feel about using your gym/centre when it reopens?

How is the coronavirus emergency changing how you feel about where and how you work?

Understanding the answers to these questions is a vital part of your plans for reopening. But this insight can’t come from multiple-choice questions. There are too many potential drivers and emotions to assume you know how people are feeling. The picture is also changing by the day.

Recovery plans based on insights, not assumptions

As reopening plans start to take shape, you will undoubtedly be looking for fresh insights. Insights that reflect the new realities of your members and employees.

During the lockdown, people have been embracing remote working, virtual tours, online classes and the flexibility to juggle work and personal activities. When facilities reopen, these recent experiences will shape how they want to work and use your services.

The risk of just asking closed questions

Many existing feedback processes ask closed questions. They focus on making it easy to process data and respond to individual issues. But when you listen to respond it makes it hard to see recurring issues, emerging needs and new priorities. As a result, it’s risky to use multiple-choice surveys and individual assumptions as the basis for reopening plans. Now more than ever you need members, employees and managers all on the same page. As you redesign services and even business models, you need a way to test the validity of individual assumptions. 

Collective insights – a broader context for your reopening plans

The solution is to ask open questions that discover what your members and employees are really thinking. MyCustomerLens has award-winning technology that makes this a quick and simple process for you. Our algorithms aggregate feedback and summarise text comments in real-time.

The speed and consistency of our text analysis mean you no longer have to choose between quick answers and actionable insights. You will also be able to see aggregated insight across the wider sector and benchmark your position against other, similar, organisations.

By seeing your insights within this collective context, you will be able to make more effective and informed decisions.

Our offer to the sector

We are running a ‘pulse survey’ across leisure and culture services in England, Scotland and Wales. It will ask open questions to members and employees about their emerging needs, expectations and priorities when services reopen. After the survey closes all participating organisations will get a report that summarises their results, and how these insights compare to their peer group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do the insight surveys cover?

The surveys have dedicated questions for people that use or work in fitness, leisure, local sport and cultural services. We are working with partners like Community Leisure UK and SportMR to ensure the questions provide you with new and actionable insights.

Why does it cover both employees and members?

Employee experience and member experience are two sides of the same coin, each affects the other. In addition, your employees have questions, concerns and ideas about what should be done when services reopen. This perspective needs to be part of your plans.

How does it work?

To keep things simple and consistent, there is one survey link and one core version of the survey questions. The questions on the start page will determine which path respondents follow through the survey. Regardless of the path, we don’t expect the survey to take more than 5 minutes to complete.

To aggregate responses and report on responses, each participating organisation will be given a unique version of the survey URL. This link ‘tag’ all of the responses that come through it.

How can the link be shared?

You can then share the link through whichever channels you feel you will get the best response/interaction. Email works well and if you are interacting with members on social media, share it there too. The survey is optimised for mobile, so people will be able to respond wherever they are

What are the timings?

The survey will go out through our partners week commencing 11 May and will be open until 24 May. The main report will be available on 31 May. For Community Leisure UK Members, we will be sharing the key insights in a webinar week commencing 1st June.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for organisations to get involved, and no commitment to use MyCustomerLens for anything else. We just want to help the sector understand the new reality and get back on its feet quickly.

Taking action – insight-led reopening plans

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