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It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks for us. ukactive have selected MyCustomerLens to join this year’s ActiveLab cohort. The competition was very stiff, with 120 international start-ups vying for just 11 spaces. We are delighted that ukactive share our vision that getting more people more active more often requires consistent delivery of great customer experiences. To keep delivering relevant experiences, organisations must keep their finger on the pulse and their whole team on the same page.

We started MyCustomerLens to help sport and fitness organisations reach, engage and retain more customers by using insights to make faster more informed decisions. We’ve been given an invaluable opportunity to work with ukactive, their ActiveLab partners and the other ten start-ups. We can’t wait to get started, and will be sharing our progress in future newsletters. Paul

Lead article - How to deliver remarkable customer experiences

Consistency. It’s rarely a word that gets our clients excited. They usually think that providing remarkable customer experiences takes something more dramatic. Delivering a consistent customer experience sounds like common sense. But as we know, common sense is rarely common practice.

The 3 C’s of customer satisfaction: consistency, consistency, consistency” - McKinsey

McKinsey research backs this up. They proved that the cumulative experience is more important than individual highs and lows. This means delivering consistent experiences across the whole customer journey. That’s harder than it sounds!
We see this connection across our dashboards. While it’s tempting to dismiss emotive feedback as the “random rants of the lunatic fringe”, it’s rarely the case. Rants and raves occur when experiences don’t meet expectations. In other words, when the experience is not consistent with what they normally receive.

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What’s the difference between customer satisfaction & customer loyalty (Jimmy Rodriguez, hubspot)

Customer loyalty comes from delivering experiences that people choose to come back for. The 1st step? “the more you know about your business’s experience, the easier it is to make it better”.

People don’t need more data or information. They need insight! (Grant Verhoeven) I love this simple summary about why organisations need more insight not more raw data.

Latest ActiveLives results (Sport England) The latest ActiveLives results demonstrate how important it is to transform our understanding of current and potential participants. As Jennie Price says "what people are choosing to do is moving with the times." So to reduce inactivity, our sector's approach to creating and applying customer insight must also move with the times. Organisations need insights that drive a culture of fast and continuous improvement.

There are no secrets to zipcars journey map success(Jeanne Bliss) Zipcar know that delivering remarkable customer experiences requires a shared organisation-wide view of the customer experience.