July 13, 2020

Social Media Listening – who’s winning on social?

As gyms geared up to emerge from lockdown, each brand launched their plans in a reopening video. By using social media listening, we were able to answer the question posed to us by Liz Terry, Editor of HCM Magazine – who’s winning on social? Our answer, starts on page 52 of this month’s HCM Magazine.

What did our social media listening discover?

Gym members are already discussing their potential experience in public. They’re giving you clues about what they think of the ‘new normal’ experiences, and how they expect to feel about them. There is no one-size fits all here. Different brands have created different expectations for their members. But broadly their new priorities relate to 1 of 4 value drivers:
  • Peace of Mind
  • Value for Money
  • Convenience
  • Community
This analysis highlights how important it is for organisations to make time for customer listening. To pause and listen to their comments without judgement or assumption. They can’t rely on the staff who are responding to specific questions and comments, to also have the time to stand back and see the bigger picture. Instead, they need a process, or better yet an automated platform, for aggregating and analysing all these customer comments.

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How social media listening can help track operational priorities

For more on how Twitter helps managers to keep their finger on the pulse, click here. The linked article shows why one national gym chain saw a 4,000 increase in twitter comments about cleanliness, and how the resulting insights could be used to improve customer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how our social media listening could help you keep your finger on the pulse, contact us today.

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