How fast is your decision-making right now?!

The speed of decision-making has accelerated
Covid-19 is reshaping how people work, gather and exercise. As a result, your decision-making processes have probably been stretched to the limit. Organisations like yours are having to make new strategic and operational decisions quickly. There’s no time to commission new research. Fast decisions are being made with the best information available.

Business models are changing over night

Right now, you should be focusing on two questions that underpin your business model:
Customer Engagement. How are we going to keep delivering value and maintain customer engagement without being in the same place?
Employee Engagement. How are we going to keep our teams motivated, collaborating and making good decisions while we are all remote working?

Decision-making within the ‘new normal’

Working from home is likely to continue for several months, and its impact on how we work will last much longer. That means reimagining how you track the needs, ideas and morale of both your customers and employees.
Decision-making is moving too fast for feedback processes that rely on periodic surveys or face-to-face interaction. The last week has shown that data from annual surveys – and even last quarter’s NPS – is already out of date. Customer and employee expectations are changing rapidly. Is your organisation able to keep up?
To thrive in this ‘new normal’, decision-makers must reimagine what feedback means.
Feedback is not ‘constructive criticism’. Feedback is every comment that can help you learn about and grow your business. This can be comments from employees, clients, stakeholder or customers. 
Neither is it periodic surveys. What you need now is real-time information that keeps your finger on the pulse
As a result, processing feedback by hand is not sustainable. Its takes too long and valubale growth opportunities get lost. In contrast, automated feedback analysis is much faster and far more consistent. Also, machines don’t get bored of trawling through rows and rows of raw data 🙂

Make faster, more informed decisions

How we work and play is changing rapidly right now, and the effects will be felt for years to come. Organisations need to adapt, not tweak, their decision-making processes. Fast and effective decision-making requires fast and actionable insights. Insights that come from keeping your finger on the pulse of customers and employees.
These aren’t two seperate systems. Customer and employee engagement are two sides of the same coin. How employees feel will translate into how they make your customers feel. The solution is having a real-time insights platform. One that is fast enough to keep your finger on the pulse, and broad enough to keep everyone on the same page.

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