On the eve of the ActiveUprising Conference, KA Leisure announces that it will be rolling out the MyCustomerLens platform across seven of its North Ayrshire venues. KA Leisure becomes the first Leisure Trust in the UK to implement the innovative customer insights platform.

The Active Uprising Conference and Awards are a flagship event for the UK fitness industry. Both KA Leisure and MyCustomerLens have been short-listed for awards at the event. The KA Leisure Portal in Irvine has been shortlisted for Club of the Year, and MyCustomerLens has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Research Award.

Tech start-up MyCustomerLens will enable KA Leisure to better understand their customers. The tool will collect and analyse real-time feedback from social media, online reviews and venue-based feedback. This feedback will enable KA Leisure to make faster and more informed decisions about how to reach, engage and retain more customers.

Commenting on the appointment, Fraser MacKenzie, Group Fitness Manager, said Our customers are everything to this business. By building a better understanding of how they see the strengths and weaknesses of their interactions with us, we are far better placed to improve their experiences in the future.”

Paul Roberts, CEO of MyCustomerLens said: “We’re delighted to be working with KA Leisure. They’re a forward-thinking, customer-focused organisation. They clearly see the benefits that come from monitoring the experiences of their customers in real-time and making even better business decisions through using that knowledge effectively.”

MyCustomerLens is being used by venues and academic institutions across the UK to offer better insight into the quality of experiences they are delivering to customers. Recognising that the most valuable feedback is in the words that people share casually online or directly with a business, MyCustomerLens gathers this text data and uses bespoke data analysis to present a real-time picture of the true customer experience.