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Turn member feedback into actionable insights

Automate gym member feedback

With gyms reopening with service restrictions, and employees returning from furlough, the ability to listen to feedback has never been more important. Capacity restrictions, coronavirus protocols and community expectations will all put a strain on member and employee experiences.

The brands that can quickly understand and respond to changing needs, will have a competitive advantage.

But how do you achieve this advantage with manual or siloed feedback processes? Member-related feedback comes in through many different sources, from mystery shopping reports and surveys to feedback forms and social media reviews. For many brands, gathering up and making sense of all these valuable comments is a slow and subjective process.

Unstructured feedback is a goldmine of potential insights that will help you protect and grow revenues. MyCustomerLens makes it fast and easy for you to turn this disconnected data into actionable insights.


Having a simple, automated and scalable approach to feedback is the foundation of competitive advantage. When all your member-related feedback is stored in one place, and analysed in real-time, your teams can focus on taking actions that protect and grow your revenues.

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Reduce member churn

Discover the root causes of churn and retention, to extend the average length of member contracts

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Manage new protocols

Quickly see what’s working and what’s not – from a regulatory, member and employee perspective

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Increase sales

Improve sales effectiveness and word of mouth referrals through consistent brand experiences

Reach and retain more members

Why listen to your members?

The problem with existing processes

Listening to your members and employees has never been more important. Members routines and habits have changed, as have their fears and expectations. Then there’s the additional regulations and changing delivery models required to keep members and employees safe. Behind the scenes, your employees are also dealing with new working processes as well as new member issues and questions.

Being able to quickly and consistently make sense of feedback, and the experiences they relate to gives you a competitive advantage. But most gym chains and leisure provides are still gathering up, analysing and reporting on feedback manually.

Why? Because existing feedback processes operate in silos, providing different data in different formats to different departments.

This wastes valuable time and resources, as well as impacting on operational agility.

Sources of gym member feedback
Dashboard showing member feedback analysis
Example of MyCustomerLens member feedback text analysis simple actionable insights

Find answers in member feedback

MyCustomerLens makes it easy to automate and scale your member-related feedback so that you can make faster and more informed operational decisions. Our platform integrates surveys and feedback forms with your existing feedback sources. Our dedicated algorithms then summarise all the feedback in real-time, so you can discover:

What’s being said about cleanliness and hygiene

What aspects of the experience are giving members frustration and joy

Which aspects of your brand are standing out to members

What potential members see when researching on social media

The root causes of why members are leaving

How experiences compare across sites, and against competitors


MyCustomerLens aggregates all your member-related feedback and summarises it in real-time.

This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.

Automate performance measurement

Thanks to MyCustomerLens for providing the software we use to measure performance. I’m implementing this platform with a client as we speak.
Thanks a lot to Paul
for his great service so far.

Kris Ball, Praxis Leisure

Community Leisure UK

Community Leisure UK customer success story employee member feedback case study

Benchmark member and employee experiences

The Community Leisure UK membership spans 108 trusts, including GLL that manages more than 270 public sport and leisure centres.

Community Leisure UK used MyCustomerLens to launch national customer and employee benchmarking surveys. These quickly gave their member trusts the individual and collective insights they needed to design and monitor their lockdown recovery plans.

“very useful to help inform our current and planned approaches with customers and with staff and great to get something that’s specific to KAL.
Alasdair Brown, CEO, KAL

Monitoring the member journey

KA Leisure partnered with MyCustomerLens to help them increase the breadth and quality of member feedback, with the ability to benchmark insights across their different leisure facilities.

The resulting dashboards and email alerts provide the management team with the actionable insights they need to manage the customer experience.

“Allowing us to understand our customers better is key in realising our vision of More People, More Active, More Often. Partnering with a business that shares this same passion was an easy decision
Fraser MacKenzie, Company Fitness Manager

KA Leisure

Image of a KA Leisure gym showing their MyCustomerLens 'talk to us' member feedback point

England Golf

England Golf member feedback research case study

Award-winning benchmark study

England Golf is the governing body for amateur golf, supporting thousands of clubs & players across the country.

To help inform their decision-making, they needed an up-to-date market view without the cost of constantly commissioning new research. The Hearts & Minds programme gave England Golf a simple and cost-effective way to continuously track attitudes and behaviours across the country.

“The insight gained allows us to better inform decisions throughout our organisation and drive our strategy to grow the game of golf in England
Thomas Allen, Insight Manager, England Golf

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