Hi, I’m excited to send you the first edition of our new look newsletter.
Thanks for your patience over the last few months. We’ve been out talking with decision-makers across a variety of industries. They’ve been telling us about how they are wasting time and money or missing out on revenues growth.
Why? Because their feedback processes can’t keep up with business needs. As a result, we’ve discovered some exciting new use cases for on-demand insights, developed innovative new features within MyCustomerLens and expanded into new industries.

Our new look newsletter

These discussions also showed us how our newsletter could add more value to people like you, customer-focused decision-makers. You want to hear new ideas for how to grow your business, but don’t have time to keep up with all the different articles, blogs and videos that can help. So we’ll curate this content for you. Each week Customer Insider will summarise 3 articles and show you why they can help you grow your business. That’s it. Short, simple, to the point.
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How to become an insights-driven business (Salesforce)

In this 19-minute video, Jacob Ayoub the Senior Director of Customer and Market Insights, reveals how Salesforce transitioned from a product-focused to customer-focused business. If your organisation is struggling to change its culture and process to put your customers at the heart of decision-making, this is a great place to start.

Using AI to scale up best practices (PwC)

PwC have been looking at how large organisations are adopting AI. What’s interesting for the rest of us is how AI is being used to automate and scale-up manual processes such as data analysis. PwC believes this will improve business agility, and boost employee engagement. Why? Employees will be able to focus on tasks that add more value and create more impact.

The impact of cleanliness on customer experience (The Independent)

Cleanliness is a basic pillar of customer experience in many industries. However, standards are often judged by how well cleaning and maintenance processes are completed, rather than how actual customers experience it. If you need evidence to support improving consistency, this Which study provides it. Positive ratings of airline cleanliness varied from 42% to 97%.
Where would your organisation rank?