Hi, and welcome to your curated view of customer insights and experience. This week range from the strategic; ‘what it takes to become customer-obsessed’ to the practical ‘Collecting feedback, how you’re working isn’t working.


Reduce employee effort for great customer experience (Annette Franz)

A simple and easy experience for customers starts with systems and processes. This makes it easy for your employees to deliver great experiences. This article includes some practical suggestions for reducing internal effort so staff can deliver better or more consistent experiences for your customers.

Case study – what it takes to become customer-obsessed (Business Insider)

How would you describe your organisation’s relationship with its customers? Interested? Focused? How about obsessed? Cisco have seen the writing on the wall, and believe that only customer-obsessed companies will succeed in the future. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Collecting feedback? The way you’re working, isn’t working (MyCustomerLens)

80% of companies say they are now competing primarily on customer experience. But consumers aren’t seeing this translate into better experiences. Decision-makers having growing blindspots because their traditional methods of collecting feedback can’t keep pace with evolving expectations. This recent article from our blog shows you how to rethink your feedback processes.