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Rethinking Customer Insight_Paul presenting

At this year’s Future of Sport Conference, we were delighted to run a session on “rethinking customer insight to drive participation growth”. This page provides further resources and context for attendees, as well as a useful overview for people who couldn’t make it. Keep checking back for the slide deck, video recording and links to the templates shared during the session.

 Download the resources used during our seminar

Smiley checklist

Rethink customer insight checklist_MyCustomerLens

Smiley checklist – rethinking customer insight

During the seminar, attendees were invited to do two quick exercises to assess:

  1. how well they are doing within each of the 6-stages of the insight cycle
  2. how well they are capturing data and creating insights about each stage of their customer’s journey

Click the image to download the checklist.

We’ve already heard of people sharing it with colleagues across their organisation, to raise awareness and to kick-off a different conversation about insight.

Customer Journey Canvas

During the seminar, we showed the typical customer journey and how insights need to be created for customers each stage. Typically, data is captured at registration and then not until the event/programme is over and being evaluated. This wastes valuable opportunities to learn and improve delivery. Rethinking this approach starts by mapping out what you know about your customer’s current experiences.

Click the image to download our Customer Journey Canvas.

Print out the canvas on A3 paper (or bigger!), gather your team around it and start discussing what you already know. Getting everyone on the same page is a huge first step to driving #CustomerLedGrowth

Customer Journey

MyCustomerLens Customer Journey Map example

Seminar presentation

Updated version of the slides presented during the seminar

Click the image to view on Slideshare.

Seminar recording