MyCustomerLens Quarterly Briefing – AI has arrived

How Marketing & BD teams are using AI to gain competitive advantage

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2023 was the year that AI arrived. As law firms became awash with LegalTech solutions, Marketing and BD teams were asking what about me?
This quarterly briefing from MyCustomerLens is a high-level guide to AI for Client Listening, Marketing and BD leaders seeking a flavour of what’s become possible. Our goal is that you find at least one idea that you take action on. 
Many of the benefits being touted for LegalTech, such as saving time, inspiring creativity and delivering better client experiences, apply equally to the business of law. More broadly, clients are increasingly expecting firms to use technology - and especially AI - to innovate within every client touchpoint.That means knowing how to use AI for client listening, relationship management and for delivering your CX strategy.
The good news is that firms don’t need to guess what their clients and prospects are expecting - clients are keen to share their perspectives, if only firms would ask. By using AI to expand their client listening, firms are able to move on from ‘opt-in’ research projects and implement an ‘always-on’ approach to client listening. This empowers more agile and inclusive decision-making, while also showing more clients that their voice is important to the firm.
Marketing & BD teams are also using AI to strengthen client relationships and to deliver on their broader client experience strategy. As manual tasks become automated, teams are getting more time to be creative. They can focus on the higher value-add tasks like increasing firm-wide engagement and driving measurable actions.
As Paul Caddy, Head of Insight at Shoosmiths, explains in his interview, AI won’t take your job but someone using AI eventually will. 
Thank you to our ‘industry voices’ who have contributed to this briefing:

●      Paul Caddy, Head of Insight at Shoosmiths
●      Aileen Leahy, Senior Client Listening Manager at Shoosmiths
●      Claire Rason, Director at Client Talk
●      Allan Carton, Director at Carton & Co
●      Ben Paul, CEO at BD Ladder

Quarterly Briefing - Table of Contents

How AI is transforming the art and science of client listening - Paul Roberts

How legal firms are adapting to change - interview with Paul Caddy from Shoosmiths

Always having a finger on the pulse: how AI is transforming feedback collection - Paul Roberts with Claire Rason

Not all algorithms are the same: how AI is transforming feedback analysis - Paul Roberts

Always taking action: how AI is driving continuous improvement - Paul Roberts with Aileen Leahy

Get closer to your clients: how AI is helping to strengthen client relationships - Paul Roberts with Allan Carton

How AI creates a flywheel of actionable insights - infographic

How AI can help manage your client experience strategy - Paul Roberts with Ben Paul

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