March 2, 2021

Future-proof client listening programmes

What does a future-proof client listening programme look like?

With professional services firms now part of the experience economy, and remote working disrupting how firms deliver their services, how should client listening be evolving? Our new report is based on our survey and conversations with 15 professional services firms. In this report, you’ll discover how legal, accounting and consulting firms see the current challenges and opportunities for developing future-proof client listening programmes.

Produced in partnership with Anna Lake Consulting and Client Talk, our report highlights three key themes:

Client Listening is growing in importance

Remote working and digital transformation were accelerated by Covid-19 and lockdown. In response, service delivery and client expectations changed.

In this environment, client listening across the entire client journey has become vital to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Current listening processes are too manual to scale up.

This leaves decision-makers with blind spots caused by disconnected data sources. Different teams have different data and different views about client experiences.

A future-proof client listening programme would be:

“reaching more clients”

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