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KA Leisure

Monitoring and benchmarking the customer journey, across 4 KA Leisure venues

Whether you run classes, a gym chain or leisure centre, customers come and go based on how you make them feel. Our goal is to make it easy for you to keep up, using tailor-made algorithms and cloud technology to:

  • Collate feedback shared across social media, survey responses and feedback forms
  • Turn this raw text data into real-time actionable insights

Instead of wrangling data, MyCustomerLens’ clients are now free to focus on making decisions and taking action.

Enabling KA Leisure to monitor and benchmark the customer experience

MyCustomerLens have been working with KA Leisure to collate and analyse customer feedback to enable better customer experiences.

The aims of the KA Leisure project are to:

  • Increase the breadth and quality of customer feedback
  • Transform the insight creation process by automating data capture and analysis
  • Provide the management team with actionable insights about the customer experience

To aggregate feedback, MyCustomerLens has:

  • Automated the capture of Twitter and online review comments. This gives KA Leisure a fast and simple way to keep track of the public perception of their centres
  • Set-up real-time feedback tablets in each Fitness Suite. These give members a quick way to share what they liked or disliked about today’s experience
  • Incorporated text data from the leavers survey, to identify the underlying churn drivers

Creating actionable insights

Aggregating and analysing these text comments gives managers a real-time view of the customer journey. They can now see which emotions are being triggered, and the key themes and activities driving them. This makes it easier to decide how to allocate limited resources to reach, engage and retain more members.

To further expand the actionable insights, MyCustomerLens is now designing a prospective customer survey that benchmarks results across a number of Scottish Leisure Trusts.

“Allowing us to understand our customers better is key in realising our vision of More People, More Active, More Often. Partnering with a business that shares this same passion was an easy decision and has allowed us to integrate MyCustomerLens into our processes, aligning the growth and success of both our businesses.” – Fraser MacKenzie, Company Fitness Manager

MyCustomerLens has been working with a number of KA Leisure centres across North Ayrshire, analysing over 1,400 data points over the past 6 months. Since founding MyCustomerLens, over 200,000 text comments have been analysed to enable better customer understanding for organisations around the UK.