Our mission is to future-proof firms to compete on experience

About my customer lens

Reimagining feedback

Feedback is essential for performance improvement. The stars of sport, entertainment and business only reach the top with the help of people who can analyse and improve their performance. Even when they get to the top, they continue to seek marginal gains to stay ahead.

But we know that feedback can also be a scary word. Making sense of it can be daunting. So that’s where we come in. MyCustomerLens combines modern technologies with industry expertise, to make it easy for firms to make sense of what their clients are trying to tell them.

Our real-time feedback aggregation platform scales effortlessly to incorporate new sources of client-related feedback. It’s feedback reimagined for the digital world.

Our vision is to put the voice of the customer in every room where a decision is made.

About MyCustomerLens - co-founders Paul Roberts and Mike Evans

Our origin story

The idea for what became MyCustomerLens first occurred to Paul when he was working for PwC Australia. Across a wide range of clients and industries, a common problem was preventing customer and revenue growth. Businesses had different teams with different data and different opinions about their customers.

Their customers were sharing a growing amount of feedback, through a growing number of channels – surveys, online reviews, interviews etc. The more data they shared the more confused the decision-making became.

There had to be a better way for businesses to keep up with evolving customer needs. The first MVP was an ugly mix of spreadsheets and temperamental formulas. It proved the value of automating feedback analysis, but still fell foul of data silos.

Then Paul met Mike at a Halloween Party, where they spent hours talking databases! Mike understood the problem with traditional data processing, and why existing solutions couldn’t handle the growing volume of unstructured feedback. So Mike developed a cloud-native architecture for MyCustomerLens, that enables our platform to aggregate and summarise feedback in real-time.

Our mission

Our mission is to future-proof firms to compete on experience.

We do this by helping decision-makers to see their firm ‘outside-in’, from their client’s perspective. That means pushing back on ‘tick box feedback’ processes that only confirm existing assumptions. Instead, we believe that:

It should be easy for clients, and employees, to share feedback where and when they have something to say.

The voice of the customer is best heard by asking open questions and letting them share how they feel.

The data should speak for itself, by using AI to consistently analyse text and discover new themes.

Insights must be actionable, with the ability to benchmark performance across clients and competitors.

The Team

Co-founders Paul and Mike have 50 years of commercial experience between them. With deep industry and domain expertise, and complementary skill sets, they have a proven understanding of the core business problems and how to translate them into valuable products.

Paul Roberts

Co-founder & CEO

Paul has 25 years of commercial experience, having worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. During this time he has developed both client & consulting expertise in customer experience, business strategy and revenue growth. Paul has previous start-up experience, having been a pre-launch hire at both Surfmiles and MBNA Europe. He’s also worked with HSBC, Citibank, PwC Australia, SportEngland and IgniterNZ.

Mike Evans

Co-founder & CTO

Mike has 25 years of commercial experience. During this time he has developed both client & consulting expertise in cloud computing, software architecture and app development. Mike has previous start-up experience, having founded Dilignt Ltd a mobile content management and event apps. He’s also worked at Cohaesus, Quorum, Ciqual, RapidMobile, GE, ADC.

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