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Welcome to the fifth edition of sportCX, the fortnightly MyCustomerLens newsletter. This week’s topic is customer feedback, and the importance of going beyond just capturing it. So in the spirit of being open to customer feedback, please let me know how useful you’re finding these newsletters.

Customer feedback – are you paying enough attention?

Customer feedback is at the heart of a responsive organisation. These organisations are continuously listening to their customers. Listening to what they have to say, and then evolving their offers in response. But customer listening is more than just collecting up details of what is being said. Customers also want to feel like they have been heard.

If you’ve ever responded to a customer survey and felt your answers just disappeared into a vacuum, you’ll know what I mean. Listening is part of a conversation, and conversations are two-way. The three steps to greater responsiveness are:

  1. hearing the customer feedback
  2. showing the customer you were listening
  3. responding to what customers are telling you

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Building communities not crowds

Julian Jenkins reflects on the number of sports teams who are still just trying to build crowds of followers to broadcast to, rather than developing a community of fans they can engage in 2-way discussion.

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Forget the Customer Experience trends of 2017, focus on getting the basics right first

A cautionary tale about chasing new ideas before the basics are in place. Two basics that align closely with our work are: 1) Understand what your customers want and need and 2) Focus on customer journeys not touch points

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Here’s What TfL Learned From Tracking Your Phone On the Tube

This is an interesting example of the power and value of real-time customer data. Imagine trying to learn about these behaviours from an annual customer survey..!

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