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Welcome to the fourth edition of sportCX, the fortnightly MyCustomerLens newsletter. With ThisGirlCan being relaunched, we’re leading off with a look at some of the key lessons learned from last year’s campaign.

ThisGirlCan is back – here’s a reminder of what’s been learned

It’s great to see Sport England’s ThisGirlCan campaign back again. Through various consulting and photography projects I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of women who feel a strong emotional connection with the core message. More than once I’ve been told “no you don’t understand, THAT IS ME!”

Behaviour change is now a common buzzword, but it’s not just the new name for old marketing.  ThisGirlCan has been a success because it stuck to some clear principles that other sports organisations can replicate, regardless of their budget.

  1. Deeply understand your audience
  2. Think outside-in
  3. Consider the whole journey
  4. Stick to the plan
  5. Show the real experience

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How To Keep A Bad Customer Experience From Destroying Your Business

A few bad experiences amplified on social media can have serious impact on acquisition or retention targets. This article provides some simple ideas for how to improve customer service. Two tips that stood out for me were: 1) invest in understanding customer needs and 2) empower staff to act quickly when they see opportunities to improve customer experience

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Great Customer Experience Is Bigger Than Just Solving Customer Problems

This is a great article on the importance of going beyond the need to fix specific issues for customers. While fast resolution is important, unless the organisation has strong feedback loops the same problem will keep reoccurring for other customers. To consistently deliver great customer experiences, you need to be able to identify and respond to the root causes of poor customer experiences.

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The customer’s view – how customers feel about their sporting experiences

This week my customer lens has been turned on the gym experience and the reasons customer give for low ratings.

Why gym participants feel they had a poor customer experience…

“I’ve been a member now for 3 weeks in that time been there around 7 times not one member of staff has said hello to me”

“Not a very clean gym and weights everywhere all the time and the water machine is so slow”

“It’s too packed. Too busy. I have to go at stupid times like late at night to get a reasonable amount of time in the gym. Seriously thinking of cancelling.”

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