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Welcome to the third edition of sportCX, the fortnightly MyCustomerLens newsletter. We’re leading off with how sports organisations can design great customer experiences.

To design great customer experiences, take a look at what your customers see

80% of US executives said that their brand delivered superior customer experiences. But only 8% of their customers agreed. So why is customer experience so misunderstood? And how can we learn from this and design great customer experiences?

This Bain & Co research is slightly dated now but I believe the core issue still remains. Too many customer experiences make total sense to the organisation that created them. After all ‘it’s just the way we do things around here’. But these priorities and processes are usually far less compelling to the customers who have to endure them.

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Bring the noise: How Premier League clubs create better fan experiences

This is an interesting summary of the actions being taken by different football clubs to try and create more noise and atmopshere – which is seen as a key components of a fan’s match day experience. Brighton are an interesting examples, as they seem to be working just as hard to encourage away fans to make the trip down.

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Metro Bank – a delightful and daringly different banking experience

What would the customer experience look like across the sport and fitness industries, if we applied the Metro Bank principles? For example, where can we get rid of stupid rules that no longer add anything positive to the customer experience?

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The best marketers have big windows

An interesting perspective from the creative industries on the difficulty of maintaining an outside-in perspective as staff become more familiar/focused on internal processes? So how big are your windows, and how clearly are you seeing the changing needs of your customers..?!

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The customer’s view – how customers feel about their sporting experiences

This week my customer lens has been turned on the fans experience across the sport of rugby league.

Why fans rate the customer experience highly…

“Games are good value for money, enjoyable and always have a great atmosphere”

“Because they are well organised, great fun and great value”

“A good family day out”

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