Hearts & Minds is an innovative and award-winning research study

Hearts & Minds - winner of the 2018 ukactive Research Impact Award

Our innovative research study ‘Hearts & Minds’, delivered in partnership with Sport MR, is the 2018 winner of ukactive’s Research Impact Award. The award recognises Hearts & Minds as a research programme that has made a notable impact through driving forward the physical activity agenda. The panel notes that Hearts & Minds provides high quality research and analysis that will help inform the physical activity agenda, drive change and support ukactive’s aim of getting more people, more active, more often.

An innovative research study

Hearts & Minds is a syndicated study which has been developed by Sport MR and MyCustomerLens to meet the evolving insight needs of the sport and fitness industry, through collaboration. Hearts & Minds contains a treasure trove of data on sport and physical activity, what activities people are open to and the barriers to participation.

Most importantly, it offers a cost-effective multi-partner approach to data gathering, providing high quality insight to organisations in sport which have restricted budgets.

How Hearts & Minds works

Hearts & Minds is a syndicated research tracking study offering organisations the opportunity to fill the knowledge gaps from current information sources such as Active Lives, by digging deeper into the ‘how’s’, the ‘why’s’ and the ‘why not’s’. Our aim is to inform and empower our clients to take the right decisions to strengthen their brands and improve the position of the sports with which they are involved.

Hearts & Minds is a study of a nationally representative online sample of 6,000 UK adults (500 per month), launched in August 2017. It looks at participation levels in all major sports and at barriers to participation, on behalf of clients including Lawn Tennis Association, England Golf and The Pony Club.

What Hearts & Minds will deliver

Partner organisations will gain an in-depth understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of their key target markets. The study will answer key questions such as:

  • Usage and awareness of, and attitudes towards, brands and specific products in major sports categories
  • experience of, and satisfaction with, brands and their products
  • what are the stages and influences on the customer buying cycle (for example, how the purchase of sportswear/equipment is influenced by participation levels, sponsorship, engagement as a spectator etc.)
  • segmentation and profile of participants by sport and why are they doing it
  • who is inactive and may be persuadable to try a sporting activity, where and how can they be reached and what messages will resonate
  • where are key groups of people on the behaviour change journey
  • how people combine and move between sports over time
  • how to engage with hard to reach groups where sporting activity levels are low – minorities, the economically deprived, people with disabilities etc.

In short, subscribing to Hearts & Minds will help you understand existing and potential participants in sport and how to engage with and sell product to them. This insight will enable you to create targeted campaigns that address and change behaviours and evaluate their effectiveness over time.

MCL Monitor – combining Hearts & Minds data with our real-time customer insight platform

MCL Monitor brings the Hearts & Minds research to life. At its heart of MyCustomerLens is our bespoke data algorithm. It filters and tags the raw text data with sentiment and relevant topics. Browser-based dashboards summarise the common themes and root causes behind any issues and new opportunities. These insights enable staff to make faster and more informed decisions.

MCL:Compare is for organisations that want to do more than fight fires. It enables them to get ahead of the key market trends and use the insights to improve their customer experience.

MCL Dashboard

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MCL Monitor is an innovative and cost effective way for you to monitor attitudes, behaviours and awareness across the UK.

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