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The MCL Discover module helps you discover new insights lost within your organisation’s existing survey data and customer comments.

Many sport and fitness providers are getting swamped by raw customer data. Their customers are sharing feedback via different surveys, feedback forms and emails. But this raw data isn’t easy to use. Survey questions are not asked consistently. The free text responses aren’t being properly analysed. The results are stored in different reports, spreadsheets and systems.

As a result, this vital information is not being used to its full potential. It’s not influencing decision-making because its too hard to aggregate and analyse the data. As the volume of data expands, it becomes even harder to tell a complete story of your customers needs, expectations and intentions.

What if it was possible to create new insights from your existing customer data?

MCL Discover has been created to solve this common business problem. To aggregate, analyse and summarise the feedback that you’ve already collected from your current and lapsed customers.

Aggregated customer feedback helps your teams see emerging trends and the root causes of customer delight and complaints. But rarely does anyone have the time or inclination to manually copy, paste, analyse and summarise the raw text data. As a result it remains a job left for “tomorrow”.

MCL Discover – the fastest way to make more of your existing customer data

With MCL Discover you don’t have to wait for tomorrow. Our bespoke algorithms have been trained to make sense of health and fitness feedback – and they’re much faster and more consistent than humans!

Let MCL Discover combine, analyse and visualise your customer feedback, and let your staff focus on taking action. 

Do any of the these situations feel familiar?

  • You’re getting NPS survey responses sent to your email inbox, but you don’t always have time to look at them
  • You’re receiving regular updates on new customer feedback, but you only have time to scan them for anything urgent
  • You analyse customer ratings or NPS scores, but “we don’t really do anything with the text comments”
  • Across various teams you have lots of customer comment data, but no-one’s had the time to aggregate it and look at the results

These are just some of the situations clients were in when they came to us. They knew they already had some interesting customer feedback, but they hadn’t done enough with it. If you want to free up your team to make more informed decisions about how to improve customer experience, sign-up today.

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LAUNCH SPECIAL – Limited time offer

To celebrate the launch of MCL Discover, we’ve got a huge limited time offer. The 1st 20 companies to sign-up can include an UNLIMITED number of survey responses for the introductory price of £495+VAT. 

MCL Discover includes analysis of text comments, filtered by your available demographic or behaviour data, and summarised in browser-based dashboards.

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