MCL Ask makes it easy for you to see and manage the entire customer journey. With your finger always on the pulse, it becomes easier to make fast and informed decisions.

With MLC Ask you will always know why customers are joining, what they are doing & what they value while they are with you and what is causing them to leave. With these insights, you can improve sales effectiveness, eliminate the root cause of complaints and increase customer retention.

“If you’re not asking how your customers feel, you’ll soon be wondering why they left”

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MCL Ask keeps your finger on the pulse. It makes it easy to see all the experiences shaping the customer lifecycle. It brings all responses together in real-time to keep business leaders, operational managers and delivery staff on the same page.

Our bespoke algorithms turn raw text comments into simple actionable insights, in real-time. These insights are delivered daily in personalized browser-based dashboards. So there’s nothing to download or install.

Email alerts can also deliver regular summaries direct to your inbox.

5 sources of feedback, a single source of truth

New customers

A new customer survey helps you optimize your sales & marketing tactics, and tailor your onboarding process to the needs and expectations of your new customers.

Sales – this is the best time to ask questions about how customers heard about you, what other options they considered and why they chose you.

On-boarding – Understand their goals and motivations, their level of experience and what support they need from you.

90 day check-in

2-3 months into the relationship, customers have usually completed the on-boarding process, tried key products & services and formed an initial opinion on your brand. This is a crucial time when they decide if they’re in it for the long haul.

This is the time to ask about how well your value proposition is really being delivered. Friction points and awkward experiences are still top of mind. These insights can be used to improve the experiences that more established customers have learned to tolerate.

Leavers survey

Customers leave for a variety of reasons. Some avoidable, some not. Customers on their way out are usually happy to explain why they are going.

This insight is vital to improving future customer retention. You will learn what they liked most and least about being a customer, which factors drove their decision to leave and how likely they are to join in the future.

This helps you focus limited resources where they can have the most impact on win-backs and future retention.

Ad hoc feedback

The richest source of feedback comes from customer’s explaining a recent experience in their own words. While memories & details are still fresh. Making it easy for customers to share fast feedback, also strengthens trust, relationships and staff awareness.

Ad hoc feedback forms are short & simple. Customers rate their current experience and then leave a free text comment explaining the rating.

Mobile-friendly forms can be embedded in web pages & social media, linked from mobile apps and displayed on tablets within each facility.

Relationship surveys

With the time-critical feedback being captured by the other forms and surveys, the bi-annual survey can focus on understanding the overall strength of your customer relationships.

Relationships – track which aspects of your offer customers use & value most & how likely they are to recommend you to friends.

Product development – discover emerging gaps in your existing proposition and test ideas for new products and services.

How it works

Making it easy for customers to share feedback

New customers signing up online – at the end of the registration process, new customers are directed to a webpage with a few additional questions. Asking a few open questions quickly provides more detail than a long list of multiple choice questions.
Customers signing up via paper forms are sent a link to the survey as part of the welcome email.

90 day check-in, relationship surveys and leavers survey – to keep things simple, links to the surveys are sent out using your own CRM system. Most CRM/Member Management systems can send targetted, automated and triggered emails. So there is no need to export your customer’s email addresses.

Feedback forms – these forms are mobile-friendly and work offline on a tablet. They can be embedded in a webpage and linked to via URL or QR code.

Industry-specific algorithms

The most valuable source of feedback is the real voice of the customer. Giving customers the chance to explain their experiences in their own words, rather than choosing from the list of options an organisation wants to give them. Until now, the problem with asking open questions has been the painful process of analysing free text comments. It’s been a slow and expensive process. This is no longer the case.

MyCustomerLens has developed machine learning algorithms tailored specifically for each industry. By identifying what customers are talking about and how they feel about it, we can provide simple actionable insights. This means our clients can spend their time taking informed action rather than wading through raw data.

Sport & leisure example

Our algorithms can identify over 500 different activities, and the names of the equipment people use in them. It knows that lifeguards work in the pool, showers are part of the changing rooms and moving away is a reason people cancel their gym membership.

Personalised dashboards & alerts

Our interactive dashboards work in any browser, making insights available on desktops, tablets and even smartphones. Business leaders get to see the big picture. Operational managers see the key drivers of the customer journey. Delivery staff are able to focus on the aspects of the customer experience they can influence.

Summary reports can also be sent out by email. So for example,  management team members can be sent the key insights directly to their inbox, the day before their regular management or team meetings.

Available add-ons

As well as the 5 standard sources of feedback in the monthly subscription, we have several additional services that can be added on:

Bespoke surveys – create more in-depth surveys and 1-off questions to explore needs and experiences in more detail

Employee feedback form – make it easy for staff to capture their own observations on the customer experience

Import existing data – if you’ve already been running the same survey, we can import and analyse that data to give you a richer context for new results. For a standalone analysis of existing datasets, see MCL Discover

NatRep panel – see the bigger picture by getting answers from a nationally representative panel. Read more about our award-winning Hearts & Minds survey here.