The MyCustomerLens suite of products has been developed to help you reach, engage and retain more customers by making faster and more informed decisions

Our platform quickly transforms online conversations and survey data,

into a shared view of real people

in real time.

MyCustomerLens is the real-time customer insight platform that turns disconnected customer feedback into shared business intelligence. Our platform has been custom-built to meet the needs of the sport and fitness industry, by combining machine learning with extensive industry expertise.

By bringing your whole team onto the same page, you will make more informed and consistent decisions about programme design and on-going delivery. Read on to discover how MyCustomerLens is enabling organisations like yours to reach, engage and retain more customers.

Our product suite – designed to work the way that you do

While the best view of your customers comes from combining all forms of feedback, we know that isn’t always practical. So MyCustomerLens is structured to help you improve different views of your customer experience.

The two main views are called Ask and Listen. Ask focuses on getting the basics right, by providing a consistent approach to capturing direct feedback. Listen focuses on the discussions your prospects and customers are having on social media.


MCL Ask – the easiest way to collect and use customer surveys & feedback

MCL Ask makes it easy for you to see and manage the entire customer journey. With your finger always on the pulse, it becomes easier to make fast and informed decisions.

MCL Listen – the easiest way to listen to your customers & prospects

MCL Listen makes it easy for you to monitor what your customers are saying on social media. Even if you don’t proactively use social media, it pays to monitor what your prospects are seeing.

MCL Discover

MCL Discover – the easiest way to reuse your existing customer data

MCL Discover makes it easy for you to discover new insights lost within your organisation’s existing survey data and customer comments. With our algorithms making sense of your existing customer data, your staff are freed up to focus on taking action.

MCL Compare

MCL Monitor – the easiest way to track national trends, attitudes & behaviours

MCL Monitor is based on the award-winning Hearts & Minds syndicated study, developed with our partners Sport MR. Hearts & Minds contains a treasure trove of data on sport and physical activity, what activities people are open to and the barriers to participation. Most importantly, it offers a cost-effective multi-partner approach to data gathering.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Automatically collect feedback wherever people want to leave it.
Manually copying & pasting feedback from social media, creating multiple surveys and dealing with inconsistent data is no fun. That’s why we’ve automated these processes for you. Our mobile-friendly forms, ‘best practice’ questions and automated social media feeds have all been custom-built to meet your needs for faster customer feedback.

Keep everyone on the same page

Bespoke algorithms provide relevant industry-specific analysis 
Our machine learning algorithms have been developed to understand the words for current/lapsed potential health and fitness participants. As a result, they quickly turn raw text data into simple, actionable insights.

Faster more informed decisions

Browser-based actionable insights are available whenever decisions need to be made
Keep your staff and wider workforce on the same page. Our browser-based dashboards give everyone access to the same information. This learning isn’t just limited to your own delivery. Our benchmarking options, let you compare your customer experiences and impact with the results from other similar programmes.