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I'm hoping that our lead article is going to prompt some debate, as well as provide a roadmap for getting started. 'Stop collecting data' reflects on a core challenge that many sports and fitness organisations face. Managers are seeing more and more data being collected. But they can't see how it's leading to better decisions. If this sounds familiar, our article will give you a starting point for taking action.

On a similar theme, we're also sharing the resources from my 'rethinking customer insight' seminar at the Future of Sport conference. As well as the slides and recording, you can also download the handouts. These include the one we used to evaluate how well organisations are turning raw data into shared actionable insights. Paul

Lead article - Stop collecting data! 3 things to do first

Does this quote sound familiar? "We are collecting lots of data but I've no idea what we are doing with it". It's a comment I've heard from several senior managers recently. They know data can be valuable. But their growing stores of data don't seem to be helping them make better decisions. In some cases, the data has become so overwhelming, decision-makers ignore it completely. The problem is that raw data isn't very useful, and collecting more of it won't help.

I was reminded of this while trying to squash "just one more thing" into the washing machine. Stuffing more clothes into the washing machine doesn't make them clean. It's only when you add powder and turn the machine on that the magic happens. Stuff too many clothes in, and the results get worse not better.
So what have my dirty socks got to do with creating insight? Click here to read more, including 3 tips for turning your raw data into faster, more informed decisions...


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Rethinking customer insight - Future of Sport

MyCustomerLens was invited to run a seminar at the Future of Sport Conference. Entitled 'rethinking customer insight to drive participation growth', one of the key themes of the session builds on the article above - how you turn raw data into shared and actionable insights. Click here to access the recording, slides and downloads