Today I’m excited to announce the formal launch of My Customer Lens, the insight service for customer-led organisations.

Who is My Customer Lens for?

My Customer Lens is for sport and fitness organisations who believe that being customer-centric is at the heart of their future success. Measures of success include reducing inactivity or churn, and growing revenues. The common denominator is the need to get more customers and keep them for longer. 
Successful organisations are making evidence-based decisions and then taking consistent action. The key to these effective decisions is knowing what people do (behaviours) and why they do it (influences, needs etc).
This is easy to say, but still hard to do. Few organisations have this rich and current customer understanding. Many are still struggling with:
  • incomplete data sets that sit in disconnected systems
  • responses to ad hoc surveys that all asked different multiple-choice questions
  • generic research reports that fail to provide a clear ‘so what’.
I’ve been talking to my consulting clients about the challenges they face. A common problem is lacking a consistent and shared understanding of their customer. A single source of truth that’s easy to find, share and use. A picture that makes it easy to see both what people are doing and why they are doing it. Without these two corner pieces, completing the behaviour change jigsaw puzzle is impossible.

What problem is My Customer Lens solving?

I believe that there is a huge opportunity to get more people more active. But to do it we need to transform the experiences that real people get from sport and physical activity. Future activities need to be relevant to the people both inside and beyond the ‘core market’. To design these activities you need a richer picture of your target market, and you need it to stay up to date.
We developed MyCustomerLens to solve this problem. To make it easy to keep the voice of their customer in every conversation where decisions are made.
We achieve this by:
  1. significantly improving both the volume and quality of customer feedback
  2. dramatically reducing the time required to analyse this free text data
  3. delivering insights in dynamic dashboards that focus on informing your business decisions.
Our sector can’t keep ignoring the growing volume of feedback that customers are sharing. The text data feels overwhelming, and looks too hard or too expensive to analyse. So we need a new approach. Our unique, industry-specific algorithms dynamically filter and tag the feedback that customers are sharing with you and each other. So instead of raw data, you get simple actionable insights delivered straight to your browser. These benefits help you to learn faster and take more effective action.

Simple actionable insights

The formula at the top of the page summarises our approach. We combine more feedback from more customers with the ability to quickly analyse and act upon it. This creates simple actionable insights that empower your workforce to unleash customer-led growth.
I’d love to show it to you, so please get in touch to see a demo.