Today is Customer Experience Day, or #CXDay for short. Around the world many people are celebrating the organisations that make great customer experiences happen. Others are wondering what all the fuss is about; and where their customers are going.

Everyone is competing on customer experience

Whether the laggards like it or not, these days all organisations are competing on customer experience. It’s the biggest driver of customer retention and word of mouth marketing.

Consumers are now comparing their experiences across brands and industries. They don’t care how your experience compares to your direct competitors. They want to know if it’s as transparent as ordering an Uber. As convenient as using SkyScanner. As fast as buying from Amazon.

This is a huge shift and its creating a big problem for industries like sport and fitness. To date, many organisations have been relying on manual data analysis or pretending that free text questions don’t exist.

Data rich but still insight poor – the curse of raw data

But manual data analysis isn’t working anymore. Organisations are becoming overwhelmed by the volume of raw data, and they don’t know what to do with it.

I’m often told by managers, that they “already know” their customers and what they want. But what they actually mean is that they have some of the information somewhere. Knowledge lives in different people’s heads, and it’s hard to get them all in the same room at the same time. Data lives in multiple systems, that usually can’t talk to each other. Meanwhile consumers are sharing feedback across social media, online reviews and email.

It’s no wonder that sport and fitness organisations can’t keep up. They want to be thriving on customer insights. But instead they are getting overwhelmed by the raw data.

Discover fresh insights in your existing data

MyCustomerLens is changing the game by launching MCL Discover. Our new service makes sophisticated text analytics accessible to the whole industry. For the first time, every sport and fitness organisation can benefit from industry-specific algorithms and personalised insight dashboards.

MCL Discover takes your existing survey and feedback data, and turns it into simple actionable insights – in real-time. Rather than staff having to wade through text comments to find the ones relevant to them, they can instantly find and filter them in their browser. Instead of wasting time extracting data, they can be making decisions and taking action.

Limited time special offer – ends October 31st

To celebrate our launch, we have an amazing special offer. Until the end of October you can include unlimited rows of data (survey responses) in our fixed price service. If your survey has 1,000 responses you still only pay for 300. There really is no better time to make more sense of your existing feedback. To experience our interactive dashboards for yourself, and to secure this limited time launch special, click here to contact us today.

Make everyday CXDay for your customers!

This #CXDay, you can change the game and discover what your customers have been trying to tell you. You can discover how to drive customer-led growth. Click here to get started. Your customers and stakeholders will be glad you did.