How well are your members and employees adapting to lockdown?

Do you have your finger on the pulse of their new needs and expectations?

To help the fitness and leisure industry listen during lockdown, we’re offering clients our Employee & Member Pulse surveys free of charge until June 30th.

Implementation for new and existing clients is fast and simple. So you can be up and running within 72 hours. 

What are pulse surveys?

Pulse surveys are short, simple and consistent surveys that only take a couple of minutes to complete. They’re designed to keep your finger on the pulse of how your members and employees are feeling right now.

They combine quick ratings questions with open questions that give people a chance to explain their needs, expectations and ideas. But don’t worry, our bespoke algorithms summarise all these comments automatically. So you can focus on taking action not crunching data.

Why do you need pulse surveys?

These unprecedented times are making many organisations realise that their feedback process is no longer fit for purpose. Strategic and operational decisions are being made quickly, with the best information available.

The results from traditional surveys are out of date or no longer relevant. Meanwhile measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) would lack empathy and miss the chance to get relevant insights.

Your organisation needs the ability to ask everyone a couple of open questions, and quickly make sense of the responses. By combining consistent questions with real-time text analytics, MyCustomerLens will help you see and respond to emerging trends quickly.

Listen during lockdown – 3 simple steps

Listen during lockdown - screenshot of pulse survey

Send out links to your survey

Analysis happens automatically

Listen during lockdown - screenshot of pulse survey dashboard

Take action & monitor impact

Why are these pulse surveys free until June 30th?

We understand how important it is for gyms and leisure trusts to be making fast and informed decisions right now. It’s vital that your members and employees are still engaged when lockdown is lifted.

We want to help you to listen during lockdown. Our real-time analytics will help you discover what you can do for your members and employees right now, and what could you could be doing differently when you re-open.