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Leisure and Fitness is a dynamic, growing market

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Demand for physical activity is growing, and with this demand comes a broader range of expectations. Consumers no longer just compare leisure experiences against each other.

  • The ease of use of a gym’s app is now compared to all the other apps competing for space on the home screen.
  • How quickly a leisure centre answers the phone, or responds on social media, is compared to the big brands that consumers also engage with.
  • Front of house staff at a swimming pool, are compared to the cheerfulness of staff in a local cafe.
  • With the current health concerns around covid-19, the level of cleanliness is being compared to hospital standards and group exercise classes are being compared to DVDs, fitness apps and virtual classes

These may not feel like fair comparisons to your organisation, but it’s how consumers make decisions these days.

To meet this demand, the leisure and fitness industries are evolving. Boutique gyms are booming, their growth fuelled by a laser sharp focus on a specific target market and a distinctive customer experience. The gap between the cheapest and most expensive gyms is growing, as premium and low-cost operators seek greater differentiation.

The need for faster, more informed decisions

Leisure and fitness organisations can’t afford to get left behind. Relying on manual feedback processes, or staff who “know” what members want, is not enough. Customers are sharing more feedback in more places than ever before, and they expect you to be listening.

If you’re a GM struggling with the flood of customer emails, social media comments, feedback forms and NPS surveys, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a Manager who’s getting frustrated that your business can’t make fast and informed decisions, then we can help.

And if you’re the person who’s having to manually copy, paste and tally chart their way through pages of text feedback, then relax, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

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Case Studies

KA Leisure

Image of a KA Leisure gym showing their MyCustomerLens 'talk to us' feedback point

Community Leisure

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England Golf

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“MyCustomerLens provides a structured and an effective way to collate feedback from a wide range of sources into one, clean, manageable dashboard. It allows us to better understand our customer, but more importantly act quicker to resolve issues and stay ahead.”

Fraser MacKenzie, Company Fitness Manager at KA Leisure

“very useful to help inform our current and planned approaches with customers and with staff and great to get something that’s specific to KAL.“
Alasdair Brown, CEO, KAL

“MyCustomerLens is a great solution for really getting into your customer feedback, making sense of free text comments, analysing the detail, and making decisions or taking action to follow-up.”

Guy Griffiths, Director GG Fit

“The insight gained allows us to better inform decisions throughout our organisation and drive our strategy to grow the game of golf in England“
Thomas Allen, Insight Manager, England Golf