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MyCustomerLens is a browser-based insight platform, custom-built to meet the needs of the sport and fitness industry. Our platform quickly transforms online conversations and survey data, into a shared view of real people in real time.

By bringing your whole team onto the same page, you will make more informed and consistent decisions about programme design and on-going delivery. Read on to discover how MyCustomerLens is enabling organisations like yours to reach, engage and retain more customers.

Collect feedback automatically

Automatically collect feedback wherever people want to leave it.
Manually copying & pasting feedback from social media, creating multiple surveys and dealing with inconsistent data is no fun. That’s why we’ve automated these processes for you. Our mobile-friendly forms, ‘best practice’ questions and automated social media feeds have all been custom-built to meet our clients’ needs.

See an overview of current experiences

Use our simple dashboards to see an overview of the current experiences
Keep your staff and wider workforce on the same page. Our browser-based dashboards give everyone access to the same information. This learning isn’t just limited to your own delivery. Our benchmarking options, let you compare your customer experiences and impact with the results from other similar programmes.

Make faster, more informed decisions

Make more informed decisions & quickly measure impact
Don’t wait for a final evaluation report, to learn what you should have been doing differently. Our dashboards update automatically, so you can see and respond to feedback while it’s still relevant. To make these insights even more actionable, our dashboards summarise the information each department needs to see.