Feedback Flywheel

Build a future-proof client listening programme by creating a feedback flywheel

The feedback flywheel – client listening reimagined

Traditional client listening was a linear process based on periodic research. Each year firms would conduct their annual client survey or interviews with key clients.

Once the work was complete, the results would be analysed, the PowerPoints prepared and the press releases drafted. Individual fee-earners already felt they knew their clients, and the research often reinforced those assumptions.

Linear client listening came to a dramatic end in 2020, when lock down turned client engagement and delivery on its head. Face to face relationships went digital overnight and Boards were faced with making new decisions that old insights couldn’t inform.

With client needs and expectations continuing to evolve, and competitive alternatives around every corner, firms are seeking to make more agile and evidence-based decisions. To support decision-makers, firms are transforming their linear client listening programmes into a scalable feedback flywheel driven by always0on client listening.

Losing touch with clients
happens too slowly to notice
until it’s too late to respond

The Feedback Flywheel by My Customer Lens has 5 stages: always be listening, centralise the data, automate the analysis, give results context, and close the loop

The 5 stages of a feedback flywheel

  • Always be listening – listen to clients where and when they have something to say
  • Centralise the data – agile decision-making starts with being ale to see all your client feedback in one place
  • Automate the analysis – as clients share more feedback, you need a consistent and scalable way to make sense of text data
  • Give results context – discover bright spots and improvement areas by comparing results over time and across service lines, sectors or jurisdictions
  • Close the loop – ultimately client listening must demonstrate how it’s driving internal actions and external improvements

Making the right decisions across the business

“Having implemented the tool, we feel like we are really listening now and the feedback is enabling us to make the right decisions across different areas of the business”

Lisa Thomson, Partner/CEO, AAB People

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