Fast, scalable client listening

for accountants

Is your client listening process still a competitive advantage?

Client experience is now a major driver of new and repeat revenues for accounting firms. Ensuring that you remain client-led, starts with seeing your firm from your clients’ perspective.

But keeping your finger on the pulse is hard. Traditional client listening processes still require manual data analysis across multiple surveys, transcripts, research reports and other ad hoc feedback. Meanwhile, remote working is accelerating client needs and expectations while providing fewer opportunities to meet face-to-face.

Discovering the big picture is a slow and subjective process. This makes it difficult to answer a simple question: ”how are we doing?”. Firms are telling us that their traditional feedback processes can’t provide the timely client insights their decision-makers need.

“We’re not actively asking clients for feedback
at the minute… (we) don’t have time”

“The BD team has started phoning clients and writing
individual reports for the Senior Leadership Team”

MyCustomerLens – the easiest way to get actionable client insights

Effective listening programmes are forward-looking. They break down data siloes to show current client experiences and future needs. To achieve this competitive advantage, you need an automated process for collating and summarising feedback, wherever it’s shared.

MyCustomerLens combines AI with industry expertise to make it quick and easy to collect and make sense of a wide range of feedback. You get more intelligence from more clients while freeing up your people to focus on the ‘so what’ for your business.

By making feedback more consistent, MyCustomerLens also enables you to benchmark performance – across clients and service lines and against other accounting firms and the wider professional services market.

“MyCustomerLens gives us, in the professional services arena, exactly what we need to collate feedback,
identify trends and understand what our clients are saying.”

The business case for change – accounting firms

Reduce administrative costs associated with manual data processes

Improve effectiveness by benchmarking performance and quickly sharing best practices and lessons learned

Increase revenues by discovering emerging client needs sooner

Consistently deliver on your competitive advantages