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Future-proofing your firm requires a simple and scalable way to gather up and make sense of all client-related feedback.

Firms tell us this needs to be an automated, streamlined and holistic system that does away with slow manual processes. With this in place, you will be able to listen to more clients more often and respond faster to what they tell you.

MyCustomerLens delivers this solution. It’s the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse and everyone on the same page.


Remote working is transforming how you deliver services to clients and what clients expect from your people. Client teams are becoming digitally connected but physically isolated. How do you keep your finger on the pulse when you can’t walk the floors or meet face-to-face?

Law Firms

Client listening for legal services

From bid feedback to end of matter surveys, ad hoc feedback to client interviews, law firms are hearing from the clients in a variety of ways.

Accounting Firms

Client listening for accountancies

Client experience is a major driver of new and repeat revenues for accounting firms. Remaining client-led starts with seeing your clients’ perspective.

Consultants & Agencies

Client listening for advisory firms

Whether delivering a short project or outsourced services, consultancies and agencies need to respond quickly to client needs.

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What’s the future of client listening?

Client expectations have evolved over the last 12 months along with how firms are delivering their services. As a result, being able to anticipate and respond to change quickly has become a competitive advantage. An advantage that helps you protect and grow revenues.

To discover how firms are creating this advantage, we spoke to senior people at 15 professional services firms. We heard that client listening is becoming significantly more important to them because they needed a more robust way to understand evolving needs and priorities.

They told us that the traditional client listening process can’t scale to meet these demands. It’s too manual and subjective. Instead, they need a system and process that’s “automated”. “streamlined” and “holistic”.

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