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Is your organisation striving to become more customer-led? Is it trying to use richer customer insights to drive everything from employee training to decisions about new products and channels?

This week’s Customer Insider focuses on how to become more customer-led. This is both a cultural and process change. It’s no good having real-time insights about your customer’s needs and expectations if decision-makers are still happy to make ‘gut decisions’. Want to know where to start? Read on…

8 important questions for becoming more customer-led (Annette Franz)

Is your business working to put the customer (or client) at the centre of everything you do? Are you trying to get alignment between customer experiences, your brand and your customer’s expectations? This article is a great place to start. It provides you with a simple and focused checklist.

30 simple ideas for increasing customer/member retention (Nextiva)

Scroll past the first section on how to calculate retention rates (unless you need a refresher) and dive into 30 short and simple examples from different industries and countries. The common theme is using your customer understanding to consistently engage with your target customers and deliver small yet distinctive experiences.

Are you really seeing through your customer’s eyes? (Paul Roberts)

How can you see your brand through your customer’s eyes? One simple way is to ask open questions and gather up all your customer comments. Hidden in the text will be the golden nuggets you need to unleash customer & revenue growth. Read on to discover how to get going.