Hi and welcome to this week’s summary, designed to help you drive customer and revenue growth. This week’s articles provide simple and practical insights for helping you instil a stronger, more consistent culture of customer focus. In the experience economy, the winners will be the organisations that can consistently listen to customers and apply what they’ve learned.

Virtual customer experience summit
For a masterclass in customer experience best practices, check out next week’s Experia Summit. It’s running online from 9-13 December and free to attend. I suggest you have a look at the agenda, and tune into the 2 or 3 sessions most relevant to where you are now.


5 practical ways to become more customer-focused (Jeannie Walters)

Using real-life examples, this article gives you 5 practical steps to build a stronger customer-focused culture, without having to drop everything else. They include sharing positive customer feedback to reinforce behaviours and getting to the root cause of complaints so they don’t keep re-occurring.

6 ways to get your staff more member-focused (Mike Escobedo)

If your business depends on membership revenues or repeat customers, then you know loyalty can’t be taken for granted. That means every department must come together, with the same information and the same plan for how they contribute to great experiences for your members.

Great employee experiences start with leadership (Randy Conley)

A quick read highlighting the role of you, the leader, in delivering great employee experiences. Why does this matter? The way you treat your employees is how they will then treat your customers. So the better the employee experience, the better the customer experience. Win, win!