Differentiate your client experience

Actionable insights for a stand-out brand

Do you have a stand-out brand?

Customer experience is now the number 1 way that many businesses differentiate their brand and offer.

Whether you call them clients, customers, members or stakeholders, your brand is what they see and feel, not what you tell them. In other words, their perception is your reality and differentiation hinges on being able to see their point of view.

Your firm is making brand promises every day. In proposals, marketing materials, client meetings, testimonials etc. These promises and those made by your competitors are evolving your client’s expectations.

Stand-out brands minimise the gap between customer expectations and reality.  But how do you know where the gaps are?

Image depicting Stand-out brand differentiation

The Pain of Perception Gaps

What is the perception gap? It’s when your client’s experiences with your firm don’t match what the firm promises it will deliver. These gaps occur when insights about the client experience don’t flow freely around the firm.

The causes include:

– different teams using different questions
– only measuring experience at the end of a project
– questions only being asked of ‘happy’ clients
– teams retaining old assumptions about what clients expect

So how do you make it easy for client-facing teams to see what a stand-out brand experience looks like?

Quantify brand differentiation

MyCustomerLens uses dedicated questions, AI and benchmarking to quantify how clients experience your brand.

Link ratings to each brand promise
Go beyond NPS and satisfaction ratings, to create actionable insights. By consistently using brand-related ratings, you can instantly benchmark performance across clients, practice areas and your competitors. This broader context finally ends the debate on whether 4 out of 5 is a top quartile or bottom quartile rating!

Discover why ratings change
Our natural language processing combs all your feedback data to discover comments linked to each brand promise. For example, if clients praise your employees for “going the extra mile” or being “a safe pair of hands”, we know your firm is delivering on its promises to be responsive and trustworthy.

Uncover perception gaps
With MyCustomerLens your analysis moves beyond spotting positive and negative comments. The absence of comments on a particular promise reveals where the client experience is not as differentiated as you thought.


MyCustomerLens aggregates all your client-related feedback and summarises it in real-time.

This frees up your valuable time and resources to make faster and more informed decisions.

Measure and Manage Performance

Thanks to MyCustomerLens for providing the software we use to measure performance. I’m implementing this platform with a client as we speak. Thanks a lot for your great service so far.”

Kris Ball, Praxis Leisure

Other Challenges

2020 accelerated digital transformation and made every firm part of the experience economy. In this new world, responding to change quickly is a competitive advantage. In seizing a competitive advantage, firms are having to address four connected challenges.

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