Our customer success stories

At MyCustomerLens we believe that listening your customers – whether you call them, clients, members, employees, stakeholders or something else – is vital to your success. Customer experience is now the number 1 way that many businesses differentiate their brand and offer. But your brand is what your customers see and feel, not what you tell them. In other words, their perception is your reality.

There are many different lenses through which you can see your customer’s experience. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose. Time and resources shouldn’t limit you to choosing surveys or social media; feedback forms or email complaints. You should be able to see clearly, wherever your customers choose to share their experiences.

So how is that different from what businesses do now? To bring customer listening to life we’ve compiled a series of case studies and use cases.

MyCustomerLens Case Studies

Click on each case study image below to read examples of how clients are benefiting from our customer listening platform, and the real-time insights it provides. We will keep adding case studies to this page as more clients reach the point where we can talk about our work together.

Community Leisure UK

Community Leisure UK customer success story

Collective actionable insights from customers and employees

The Community Leisure UK membership spans 108 trusts, including GLL that manages more than 270 public sport and leisure centres. Community Leisure UK used MyCustomerLens to launch national customer and employee benchmarking surveys. These quickly gave their members the collective insights they needed to design and monitor their lockdown recovery plans. Read more…

“very useful to help inform our current and planned approaches with customers and with staff and great to get something that’s specific to KAL.
Alasdair Brown, CEO, KAL

England Golf

England Golf image for Hearts & Minds research

Award-winning industry benchmarking study

England Golf is the governing body for amateur golf, supporting thousands of clubs & players across the country. To help inform their decision-making, they needed an up-to-date market view without the cost of constantly commissioning new research. The Hearts & Minds programme gave England Golf a simple and cost-effective way to continuously track attitudes and behaviours across the country. Read more…

“The insight gained allows us to better inform decisions throughout our organisation and drive our strategy to grow the game of golf in England
Thomas Allen, Insight Manager, England Golf

KA Leisure

Image of a KA Leisure gym showing their MyCustomerLens 'talk to us' feedback point

Monitoring the physical & digital customer journeys

KA Leisure partnered with MyCustomerLens to help them increase the breadth and quality of customer feedback, with the ability to benchmark insights across their different leisure facilities. The resulting dashboards and email alerts provide the management team with the actionable insights they need to manage the customer experience. Read more…

“Allowing us to understand our customers better is key in realising our vision of More People, More Active, More Often. Partnering with a business that shares this same passion was an easy decision
Fraser MacKenzie, Company Fitness Manager

MyCustomerLens Use Cases

Evolve from customer measuring to customer listening

In a bid to make sense of the growing volume and complexity of customer feedback, many organisations have resorted to closed questions and smiley faces. As a result, the outputs have changed from understanding future needs to measuring current satisfaction.  The art of customer listening has been forgotten… much like the customers who are being measured.

Here at MyCustomerLens, we’re fighting back. We believe that the organisations that survive and thrive in the months ahead will be the ones who best understand their customers. So we’re giving customer-centric organisations the ability to listen at scale.

So how would you use a customer listening platform like MyCustomerLens? Well, as you asked…

Use Twitter to Track WoM

Infographic showing gym customer questions on Twitter

When customer needs, expectations or priorities change quickly, they turn to Twitter to share their experiences and ask questions.

How did we do today?

Image of MyCustomerLens feedback tablet and wall graphics

Get real-time feedback using mobile forms linked to QR codes, on-site tablets or your in-app feedback

Discover hygiene issues fast

Combine the benefits of real-time feedback and text analytics, to quickly discover the time and place of any cleanliness issues

Do you want the benefits of continuous feedback?

Has a customer success story or case study got you dreaming about how your organisation could benefit from adopting a continuous feedback approach? Then get in touch and we can arrange a short online demo. It won’t be long before you reach, engage and retain more customers as well.