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Our case studies and use cases

At MyCustomerLens we’re on a mission to inspire and enable customer-led growth. By helping you to quickly capture and make sense of more customer feedback, we enable you to make faster and more informed decisions. Decisions about how to reach, engage and retain more customers.

Click the images below to see some examples of our work. We will keep adding case studies to this page as more clients reach the point where we can talk about our work together.

KA Leisure

Image of a KA Leisure gym showing their MyCustomerLens 'talk to us' feedback point

Aspire Sports

aspire sports case study photo

England Golf

England Golf image for Hearts & Minds research

Do you want the benefits of continuous feedback?

Have these use cases got you dreaming about how your organisation could benefit from adopting a continuous feedback approach? Then get in touch and we can arrange a short online demo. It won’t be long before you reach, engage and retain more customers as well.