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Presentation to the Scottish Leisure Network Group (SLNG)

We were delighted to present at the recent Scottish Leisure Network Group meeting in North Ayrshire. Chaired by our clients KA Leisure, the session took place in the stunning surroundings of The Portal in Irvine. Our CEO Paul Roberts talked about why Leisure Trusts need a rich source of customer feedback if they want to reach, engage or retain more members. It was a fun session that clearly struck a chord, judging by the great questions and conversations that followed the meeting.

The slides from Paul’s session can be viewed below. Eagle-eyed attendees will notice a few of the slides have changed. Practicing what we preach, Paul asked for feedback on the presentation and was told to add some tangible examples of customer feedback and what could be learned. Thanks for the suggestion Dawn-Anne!

KA Leisure The Portal Irvine

Jump start your customer understanding…

We have just launched MCL Discover, our product for breathing new life into your existing data. Clients tells us they “don’t know what to do with the data we already have”. Free text data is becoming overwhelming. They know there are some great insights hidden in the data, but they just don’t have the time to manually wade through and make sense of them. MCL Discover solves this problem. We will automatically collect, analyse and visualise your data for you, leaving you free to focus on taking timely action.

During October you can use our technology to help you jump start your customer understanding, by taking advantage of our special ‘Discober’ offer (Discover + October!). During October we’re taking the cap off MCL Discover and offering unlimited analysis of an existing survey, feedback or evaluation data. Regardless of the number of responses you had (the number of data records), you will pay the same low 1-off fee.

It’s a fast and easy way to find all the insights lurking in the raw data you already have. To get started, contact Paul today.

The slide deck from our SLNG presentation

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