About Paul

Paul Roberts is CEO & Co-Founder of MyCustomerLens. While MyCustomerLens is a start-up business, the idea has arguably been developing for 20 years. During this time Paul has worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand; within the sport, banking, telecom and energy industries. The common thread has been his passionate belief that the secret to achieving customer and revenue growth is having a rich and shared understanding of your customers, and then using it to make faster and more informed decisions across the organisation.

Great customer experiences – the way to get more people more active

The U.K. and indeed the world, has a huge opportunity [...]

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The hidden costs of a free customer survey

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My Customer Lens – creating simple actionable insights

Today I’m excited to announce the formal launch of My [...]

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United proves that being customer-centric requires conviction

When I present the 8 principles of a customer-centric organisation, [...]

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