How are we doing?

It’s a simple yet powerful question. One too important to be asked annually, or even quarterly. That’s too little, too late.
Decision-makers need to know how their clients and project teams are feeling. What their experiences are now, and what they will be needing next.

The problem with traditional feedback processes

Traditional feedback processes are out of touch. They look backwards and they create siloed data. They ask how did we do, when it’s too late to do anything different. They create disconnected surveys, spreadsheets and research reports. Making sense of all that data is a slow, manual process.

We’ve been there. Paul has been that manual process! You may have been too. It’s not fun, and it’s no way to grow a business.

Reimaging feedback

So we reimagined how firms use feedback. We asked them what insights they needed to make faster, more informed decisions. We saw how the expectations of clients and project teams were evolving. We saw remote teams becoming digitally connected but physically isolated.
Then we combined our 25 years of commercial and tech experience to create a fresh vision of the future. A future where clients and project teams don’t wait to be asked. A future where firms listen when and where their customers have something to say.
Whether customers want to share ideas or experiences, praise or future needs. It shouldn’t matter is they’re more comfortable sharing face to face, in phone interviews, surveys, emails or even on social media.

It’s time to see the customers view

We believe that the more you listen, the better you can be. Not everyone shares this belief, and that’s ok. We work with forward-looking firms. The ones that want to see their business ‘outside-in’.
They’re the ones demanding simple, scalable processes for understanding current – not past – experiences. Customer-centric firms who want to get answers and take action fast. These are the firms that inspire our work.

Meet the team

Paul Roberts

Co-founder & CEO

Paul has 25 years commercial and sport industry experience, having worked in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. During this time he has developed both client & consulting experience in customer experience, business strategy and revenue growth. Paul has previous start-up experience, having been a pre-launch hire at both Surfmiles and MBNA Europe. He’s also worked for or with HSBC, Citibank, PwC Australia, SportEngland, SportNZ and several NGBs and CSPs.

Mike Evans

Co-founder & CTO

Mike has 25 years commercial experience in software engineering, product architecture and design, and app development. During this time he has developed both client & consulting experience in software product delivery and IT. Mike has previous start-up experience, having founded Dilignt Ltd, mobile content management and event apps. He’s also worked at Cohaesus, Quorum, Ciqual, RapidMobile, GE, ADC.